Corona Virus into Sports: four soccer players and two NBA stars affected by the disease.

Corona Virus into Sports: four soccer players and two NBA stars affected by the disease.

Corona virus into sports it's a reality and affecting directly the world live entertainment as it develops the sports leagues around the world may close their live games or even suspend the games as NBA did. We are entering into a very sensitive area as the football games are moving masses and the fans may not be see their stars live due to the disease. Let's see which cases are more famous right now into the sport affected direct by the COVID-19. Four soccer players and two NBA stars are among the statistical numbers belonging to the pandemic disease that took the Italian league to be suspended Aldo the NBA.

The COVID-19 is now into sports and taking several leagues to suspend and is already infected six athletes. In the world of soccer Manolo Gabbiadini was the latest football player affected by COVID-19 that accused positive. The Sampdoria player is on quarantine as the Team informed to the press.

Gabbiadini isn't the first soccer player affected by the pandemic global disease that is putting the world on panic, as on Wednesday the colleague of Cristiano Ronaldo, Daniele Rugani accused positive to this virus and took the all Juve Team to be on quarantine.

The first case of COVID-19 was registered in Italy (that is the second most affected country in the world only on second place surpassed  by China) in September 27 and other player accused positive on Germany on March 11. Its a pain, fear, doubt and panic on sports now as knowing that its involving fans to be more exciting!

This Thursday the NBA registered and tested positive two players, all from Utah Jazz. 

Its time to see what will be the response from the world that is leading with this pandemic disease as it going to affect more and more fields of development and entertainment, its time to ensure the rules to prevent it are hugely followed and the countries affected mostly to be controlled!

Since its discover the COVID-19 the infected surpassed 124 thousand persons, registered in 120 countries, Italy is the most affected country in Europe, China is the leading in infected persons with More than 1000 dead people caused by it!

This disease will surely be more dramatic in countries of the 3th world where the advances on medicine are still critical but I believe God won't let that happen as the world could be a nightmare as that happen.


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