Corona Virus Impact: Investors fear reflect on stock markets and the drops on crypto market, The World in Panic!
Corona Virus Impact: Investors fear reflect on stock markets and the drops on crypto market, The World in Panic!

The Pandemic disease Corona Virus is impacting for the worse form the global markets and taking many investors to drop off their investments in fear of a Global recession. It's completely normal to see that kind of behaviour as the deadly Virus was quoted as a "zone" thing but slowly it's becoming a threat to the whole world.

The US stock Markets registered the baddest week since the 2008 Global Crisis, and this can be the beginning of a major crisis! It's notable that the world waited to the Chinese Government and local authorities to contain the Virus and made efforts to it not cross the borders, but seems that the pandemic virus it crossed, and new cases are being spotted in Europe, South America, more Asian countries and Africa.

Africa registered two confirmed cases one in Egypt and in Nigeria!  Until now I wasn't that worried as in my calculations and following the China potentially was clear to me that they could find a definitive cure for It, but seems that they aren't even close to that.

The crypto market also seems to be affected with this as the assets are running on red. It's normal in time of crisis people start thinking more with the heart, not with their minds that take them to look more to the most basic things to fight against this Pandemic virus. They become more worried with resources to buy water, food, gloves, masks to be prepared to the catastrophic disease!

Affected areas are completely quarantined and people are living nightmares, economies are getting challenged and Multinationals are facing huge problems, as employees in those regions can't go to work due to the disease.

Tourism is practically dead, the aviation industry is on prejudice as bans are registered to some locations across the globe, physical money in the affected region is getting burned being substitute for new money. Blockchain services was a good backup here, and companies that use this will surely develop a new mindset about the advantages of the technology.

Fear on a Global recession is justified with the argument that the most developed nations are not capable of finding a cure for it, and the global markets including Cryptocurrency will face huge difficulties.

I hope this can end very soon, and to the direct affected people my deepest sympathy!

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