Common Crypto Scams: stay safe be alert and protect your money!

Common Crypto Scams: stay safe be alert and protect your money!

My latest article I released s list of the most successful active scams from the last month which shows how much money the criminals managed to steal from people using those schemes. Today I will present the common scams that are widely used for cybercriminals to impersonate and steal Cryptocurrency, time to sit back and learn which scams are popular and how they use them to convince persons to invest or pay (when is the case) huge sums of BTC.​

Don't ignore this, it may save your hard earned money to be stolen by this scammers, they invest a lot to impersonate and convince anyone that are legit, with sites with latest technology and marketing in some cases even customer care service, they know that won't be active too long and when they reach their desires they just vanish!

Common scams.

1.Ponzi Schemes.

  • This type of scam is very popular and many people fall on them, the criminals promise a huge return on investments  made by customers where the business owners never share what strategies they use to make their clients earn those "unbelievable" returns, also they encourage the customers to find more people to invest with them in exchange for commissions. This method of investment is a crime on U.S and the founders can be condemned to 20 years to life on jail for promoting the scam business and a fine of $5 million.

2. Sextortion.

  • This kind of scam is increasing on the web space and criminal seems to be found a new way to steal money from their victims. This is a Blackmail scam where scammers send e-mail to the victims allegedly containing vital info for their sexual activity they intimidate persons telling them that hacked their webcam and if they don't pay the quantity asked in BTC they will expose it on internet. The action is a crime in U.S where authors could be condemned to 15 years and a fine of $10,000. 


  • In this scam criminals use malware and manage to control the victims computer with encrypted files and demand a ransom, many times with large quantity of BTC or other private coin, individuals, companies, universities and other business suffer this attacks and criminals involved with could spare a time on jail for using this dangerous scam in U.S could be condemned to 10 years and $10,000 per attack fine.  


  • Criminals use this one pretending to be famous personalities and impersonate people promising to send them money but first they need to send some money first to unlock their position in line to receive the gift, pure scam considered online fraud and is condemned with 5 years on jail if the offenders do that in first instance and the number of years could increase if proved that the persons involved are not primarily offenders.

5.Dark Web.

  • This one is used in a hidden part of the internet only accessed by special software and here anything can be sold and bought an heaven to criminals where mostly use it to launder their stolen funds, even guns, drugs, and other illegal material could be found.the deep web largest store was the Silk road market and the founder is in Jail with a sentence to life on prison without parole. This kind of scam is very dangerous and illegal in many forms and both buyers and sellers could face life in prison due to use of it!


  • Criminals have been stealing money from people over the years with scams and hacking activities where even exchanges aren't out of their reach and billions of dollars have been illegally stolen, many believe that inside jobs help a lot in the theft of Crypto, but that is a work for the authorities. A case of theft of Crypto in recent times is linked most to SIM Swap attacks where hackers control peoples SIM card and have access to their Cryptocurrency. The most famous case of SIM swap Technique was Joel Ortiz who stole $7.5 million in Crypto and have been sentenced to pass his next years on an American Jail for 10 long years. Despite being a talented skill it's illegal to hack SIM cards!


​Scammers and Hackers are improvising their techniques and I hope with this article and others that a release may help the community to stay out of them and protect their money from criminals, don't get deceived they are always on lookout.

​#remember to stay protected from COVID-19, stay Home.

​**download Brave Browser protect your privacy.

*free image from Pixabay with no copyright infringement.

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