Coinbase Mobile wallet will remove the DApp Browser.

By alberdioni8406 | S.O.S | 29 Dec 2019

One of the Product of Coinbase ,the Coinbase Mobile Crypto wallet will remove the DApp Browser, as shown in the message appearing In the mobile app.



All this changes are taking effect to comply with the Apple App Store Policy read more here.

 It seems that Apple is eliminating usage of DApps from the App Store but the ones using the desktop wallet will still getting acess thru the walletLink.

I think that Coinbase antecipating This removal of their Browser DApp is avoiding to get banned like Metamask was at Google Play store and with no Appeal to that decision.

The Metamask DApp accordingly with Play Store staff got banned for violating their Financial Service Policy!! I keep wondering how many more DApps will be "kicked" out from those Centralized stores?!


We are Descentralized why we keep being played by those corporations?! Is not this,the right time to Think Forward and start building A Dex store!?

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