Central banks: the fever of CBDCs and the desire for cheaper and faster payment solutions.

Central banks: the fever of CBDCs and the desire for cheaper and faster payment solutions.

The Central Banks interest in CBDCs are increasing and also the obsolete swift payment system is taking the majority of the nations to start looking for faster and cheaper ways of global payments.

The recent interest from Banks in Central Bank Digital Currency is a clear testimony, that something is happening in the world of Finances that must be corrected soon or they will carry the consequences very soon.

The Blockchain Technology is better, cheaper, transparent and very efficient way to build, track and monitor transactions, so I am not surprised to see this running to build their CBDCs and of course, they are right.

The Libra project gave an impulse to this Institutions, to start looking for better ways of payment, that could be cheaper and very effective in a global scale. It's knowing that Libra still on paper, but the ambition to have a global payment service pegged with various Fiat Currencies lead, Institutions to start thinking faster or "they miss the train".

China opened the eyes long ago, and their research are on the end and their digital currency could be released anytime, also they adopted abruptly the Blockchain tech and wanna be the first world Nation with more knowledge in the Field.

That can sounds very curious, and the western countries could also, be on lookout for the CBDC, seeing the Bank of England (BoE) emerging into it, partnering with 5 more nations to study more about the matter.

This is case to say "the world is going Blockchain and no one want to be left behind"..

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