Brave Browser reached 10 Million in Monthly Active Users.

Brave Browser reached 10 Million in Monthly Active Users.

The Browser focused in privacy Brave continues to achieve records since it release ,for being the most downloaded in Japan on the playstore now reach a new milestone: 10.4 Million monthly active users that use the browser.


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The Monthly Active Users is increased  20% since the last October where the active users was  in about $8 Millions and this November the Users are increased to 10.4 Millions. 

The Brave  is a Browser focused in privacy that reward users and Publishers In the native token BAT that is increasing adoption wo norldwide and is leaving behind famous Browsers like Firefox . 


Also the daily active users from the last 12 months is 3 times more situated in $3.3 Millions that acess the Browser.

The world is adopting Cryptocurrency and having an browser that  give you the opportunity of privacy, same time earning BAT that is surely driving People to Use it massively.

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