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Bitcoin transaction fees jump up to 800% in just a Month.

Bitcoin transaction fees are surely with an abnormal increase up to 800% in just a month, registering from April 11 to May 14 a astonishing jump to more than 1250% from $0.38 to roughly $5.16 plus.

I was just worried with my personal fees when I transact BTC in my daily routines to see that the fees are crazy few days after the third halving occurred. Since halving block reward on May 11 the fees have not stabilized and increased a lot and even now it remains in 36,5% up.

I just made a small swap from Ethereum to BTC on Blockchain wallet to note that fees to exchange a small amount of $50 dollars the network fee increased to almost $1,46 and exchange fee $5, where before halving was only cost total (fees and exchange) misery $2.45 or less depending the amount.

Bitcoin fees have doubled three days after halving, and transactions on BTC blockchain just in a month registered an increase of almost 800% and May with the highest fees since July 2019. In just three days pos halving transactions fees registered increase in 105% and its a record for the year right now but still less than transaction fees occurred in the end of 2017 where all time highs was recorded!

Well the transaction fees record dysfunctional record after Halving and with the market stability the fees also got more space to become normal as noted in the two latest Halvening below:

  • Bitcoin transaction fees May 2016 - September 2016: BitInfoCharts
  • Bitcoin transaction fees November 2012 - January 2013: BitInfoCharts


The coming days we could see some regular transaction fees if the BTC price asset got stabilized but don't get confuse when you barely see this volatility on fees it's normal, yes after halving and with price asset volatile!

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**Image from pixabay with rights for commercial purposes.

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