Bitcoin Halving Update: Less than 17 hours to the Event!

Yes, just a little couple of hours and the most awaited event on the Bitcoin core will occur. The event will be a mark in the all Crypto field and all excitement, doubts and whole feelings are on spot, nothing to do right now just wait.

Oblivious Halvening won't be that hard to wait for and the effects of it in the price only can be appreciated when it's already done, of course Won't be immediate skyrocketing effect, no it needs some time to feel how the market will deal with that and also the demand coming from, as known the miners will have less "new bitcoins" to offer to market. 

The new reward generated from the halving will be 6.25 BTC and with that the power to this "validators" to fuel the market will reduce and the BTC traded will be mostly the ones secured in exchanges and with that the trading activity could increase a lot after the halving. I particularly wait to see major trading volumes next coming days when many traders will want to secure more assets and wait to market development.

Just a couple of hours to see what will be the market sentiment after halving, stay in touch!

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