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Bitcoin Halvening countdown: we are approaching and expectations are high in all Crypto system!

Just a few days to major BTC event in the last 4 years and things could be pretty awesome to Bitcoin and bad to small miners. The halvening it's a complete crucial event scheduled by Satoshi in order to let the asset more scarce and assure the ecosystem remain intact in the core, doing this Bitcoin will complete the 21 million coins supply in the exact time planned for that!

The event will not have a human interference never and will happen in a certain chain block cutting the actual miners reward of 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC. This will not be a warranty in the price increase but could make it go up, as BTC will be more scarce starting from this halvening and the subsequent ones turning it even more scarce, but that is another story as we need more 4 years to that happen.

Cutting the price to half reward will also take "small miners" to look around to find other business to support their living, as the mining costs after halvening won't cover the expenses generated to mine a Bitcoin. This would take this "validators" to sell their mining machines or join the "big players" mining farms" to continue with their business making with this "business societies" in order to survive on the market. It will be hard to them to continue after this!

When we approach the halvening, and with "big sharks" entering the Bitcoin Mining business such as BINANCE, surely things to the small miners won't be favourable. 

To refer that, the halvening won't change anything in the system core that protect BTC, nothing will be changed, only the miners reward will reduce to the actual 12.5 BTC to 6.25 BTC, making the all market to become highly Volatile, Investors wanting more BTC assets will be flooding the exchangescto secure it, Holders will run to secure it, taking the all Crypto market to be in constant alert (hey this are just my views), but what we actual have in mind and is certain, the reward miners will be half. 

Regarding prices, we only can wait to see our the market will react before or after the halvening, predictions at this points can be highly erroneous!

Let's see what the next 8 days will tell us about!

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