Bitcoin Cash is better than M-Pesa: African reality!

Bitcoin Cash is better than M-Pesa: African reality!

Still a reality in Africa to see large families living with less than $1 daily and statistics saying that poverty ranks are decreasing in Africa!! I wonder where they found such Intel...I African and I keep seeing the situation getting worse!

The world isn't equal, when in the certain parts of the globe a child born, they fathers prepare their future open a Bank account with will help the young born to maintain when complete eighteen years Old, with a house and University fees on day in Africa things are not that pretty!

It's a constant fight against the high rate of unemployment, the levels of poverty are not decreasing most due to corruption on Government services, the young Africans when born their fathers can't open a Bank account to prepare the future for them or giving them a way to live because most of this fathers are struggling to find ways to feed their children and assure that they won't die for not having daily meals (that only with bit of luck may have 2 daily meals) and this is a constant battle on Africans daily lives!

poverty isn't a condition or disease and could be easily defeated if we bet in Bitcoin Cash that is more favourable to African reality.

But there's a light on the darkness, with young Africans who born on the twenty-one century to lead Africa to become more sustainable without having to deal with government, found on internet and Crypto a way to "escape" from poverty, Unemployment, injustice caused by the fact that only few ones can be well rewarded in detriment of many that have same rights on the constitution!

It's fun and sad to note that young Africans who live on metropolitan areas (Capital Cities, most born on twenty-one century, that are more connected to outside Africa) don't know this reality of their fellows brothers living inside the country and rural zones, most because they born in the internet period where things seems to be turning equal with more parts of the world.

The introduction scenario leaves the actually conjuncture to what is Africa, and why Bitcoin Cash system is better to African reality that the actual services used widely on the continent that are hurting the pocket in Africa with huge fees making this providers more and more richer in detriment of their customers:

M-Pesa like any other traditional payment service have lacks that could be surpassed with decentralized services, such Bitcoin Cash.

  • The M-Pesa service isn't cheap, and to hodl your money on it's needed to open with an ID document.

  • The services transactions fees increase in proportion your money cashout desire, the more is your withdraw or transfer the more are the fees.

  • The service is local, with no cross border remittances, and to Hodl and transfer large amounts the wallet need upgrade, there are limitation on daily transfers and for amount of $300 (~27,000Mzn) you make almost 2 transactions each one costing almost $10 only in fees.

  • The service is hosted, monitored and distributed by network provider concession firms working with government avail.


The more I use the service I feel that this service is just on the continent more because they are concession firms ruled by government, and with no competitors to face front them they will get more and more stronger and is here where Bitcoin Cash can be a battle front solution to combat this kind of services, of course it's necessary to spread more and more the necessity to embrace and adopt the asset and with all the condiments created Bitcoin Cash can easily "beat" this explorer services:

  • Bitcoin Cash system of P2P cash payments isn't controlled by any entity, it's decentralized can be Hodl in any no custodial wallets that secure the asset.

  • Have a system of low fees (almost zero) on transactions that could be local or cross border.

  • The fees never increase consonant the value you want to withdraw or transfer, can be easily easily adopted for payments on daily routines, to buy meals or different goods.

  • The instantaneous confirmation on the network its the other great condiment that be very appreciated in the asset.

  • It's an asset that could be used to make investments just holding on wallet and give awesome returns to make Africans get empowered and fight back injustice.

It's a system that if largely adopted and embraced in Africa, with plenty space for that, only needing engaged people that could make the asset go viral on the continent there's a possibly to make Bitcoin Cash mainstream on the continent. Won't be easy to spread the word about, will need resources, committed Ambassadors, passionate individuals to gradually see the asset raise and shine in the beautiful "mother Africa" the Cradle of Humanity!

I am already an independent Bitcoin Ambassador and I will be waiting to see more developments just need support and let's BCH shine in Africa.

Exciting times are coming from Bitcoin Cash and Africa won't be apart from it, I am already a independent Ambassador and I truly believe that all condiments are created just with more adjustments all will be possible.

Exciting times are coming, I am already Bitcoin Cash Ambassador, now I am willing to get support to be more actively working and spread the asset on Africa, let's make Bitcoin Cash viral on Africa, together we can!


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