Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption: Native Blockchain wallet in HTC and booking at!
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) adoption: Native Blockchain wallet in HTC and booking at!

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Last year was quite exciting for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) environment, and many developments reached to maximise the adoption of the asset.

For the Bitcoin cash (BCH) community, was given one more tool with the Launch of the HTC Exodus 1, Blockchain smartphone with a native support for Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The native wallet on the Blockchain smartphones from the Taiwanese Electronics Company HTC, was built to support BCH wallet and interact with the Blockchain, giving an amazing device that can help with adoption even more faster around the globe.

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With this Developments surrounding the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) the expansion and exposure will reach new borders and conquer even more community members.

But, that was not the unique news in the way to mass adoption in 2019... start accepting Cryptocurrency payments to reserve their Chain of Hotels and Tourism instances around the world, and Bitcoin Cash is one of the crypto to pay for the bookings.

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The adoption of BCH asset will surely be more effective with plenty of initiatives from, that invested $200 million dedicated to adoption, and to fund startups that work or will work with the Bitcoin Cash environment.


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