At least 18 Central Banks have Intentions of developing their Own Digital Currency.
At least 18 Central Banks have Intentions of developing their Own Digital Currency.

At Least 18 Central Banks are planning a CBDC others in full Development, launched or In pilot phase.

China one of the most powerful world economies CBDC is on the Agenda and the project is in very advanced stage and soon will be tested in two Chinese Cities and their Digital Coin will substitute the paper money.


European Union Central Bank plans their digital currency if the Banks dont provide fast and cheaper ways of payments and already testing some Blockchain functions that will interact with their CBDC.

Here's the list of Countries/Central Banks that are developing their Own Digital Currency, hope didn't forget none:

  • Central Bank of Tunisia
  • People's Bank of China
  • Central Bank of West African States_Senegal
  • Sveriges Riksbank
  • Central Bank of Venezuela
  • Monetary Authority of Singapore
  • Central Bank of Uruguay
  • National Bank of Cambodia
  • Bank of the Marshall Islands
  • Bank of Thailand
  • Central Bank of the Bahamas
  • Central Bank of Curaçao and Saint Maarten
  • Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
  • Central Bank of Iran
  • United Arab Emirates Central Bank
  • Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority
  • European Central Bank
  • Eastern Caribbean Central Bank


Many Other Countries are on the lookout for a CBDC (France will test it in 2020) and many more will enter to this running,of course to benefit from Blockchain technology that will reduce the costs of emission of paper money,faster transactions,more reliable,transparent and very trustable payments.



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