Alibaba won two patents in USA to have a fast and secure Blockchain.
Alibaba won two patents in USA to have a fast and secure Blockchain.

It's not new to see Giant companies running to secure their place in the Blockchain Technology sector and Alibaba is one of them entering to the revolution.


The Giant Chinese company won two patents in the USA projected to become their Blockchain more secure and faster.

One patent will optimize the time of block verification and other will give the users possibility to choose the validation of transaction in the Blockchain, meaning that all users participating in the Blockchain can acess it thru a watch, physical or Logical one.

The  patents was requested in 2018 and will agility the process of verification on the Blockchain that take time to validate the blocks.

Alibaba Group is one of the companies that have more registered patents in China and as the Xi Jinping endorsement to all the Country "wake up" and benefit from the Blockchain they are doing their part!


Blockchain is a  Tech that will catapult business and industry becoming more secure, trusted,reliable and Transparent.


Merry Christmas 🎉 and Happy new 2020🎉😉


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