Give By Listening? Mr. Spaceman Remix by mBlu on Emanate & Some Original PIXEOS Artwork Too!!

By | | 4 May 2020

As your most likely aware by now, and our extension arm is on a mission to bring about real change in the world via the design and building out of a model that take the ideas and practice of charitable giving to the next level.

Of course there are quite a number of facets that we are working on to bring about transparency and change to the existing charity ecosystem. Bear in mind although we are working hard in the background to get it all developed and worked out, we are just getting started and wouldn’t be where we are today without you. There have been many amazing individuals and projects that have helped us this far with donations that we are working towards applying to projects we believe in around the world, but we do understand that it’s not always practical for everyone’s financial capacity to give. The beauty of blockchain as it exists in the present means that this is not really always as big of an issue for those wanting to contribute but cannot.

One such way around this is give by your participation and appreciation of artists and their work. Upliftnation’s very own mBlu for example has gotten the ball rolling on a number of fronts by using his talents to create something that we can all enjoy while at the same time effortlessly feeding into the UpliftNation Operations fund.

And there you have it good lady and gentlemen supporters of UpliftNation and all the change we stand to bring about. Knowing full well that you have likely already watched the video above, we would like to take the time to remind you that simply by heading on over to that your attention brings about opportunity to help us with our funding to get the next leg of operations for Uplift Nation off the ground.

Now think forward and add to that your super power – whether it be music, art, content creation, cooking, or a plethora of other things – and understand that truly this is just as much Your Uplift Nation as it is ours. With that in mind we are officially putting out the call to any who may want to contribute through the arts to help us generate both awareness and funding for the grand aspirations that we are looking to achieve.

It’s completely voluntary of course, but should feel the desire consider us showing us your superpower in whatever capacity you see best and helping us along the way by contributing from your ‘arts’ to any of our Uplift Nation accounts. Of course, in return we are more than happy to feature whatever goodness you come up with here on our whether you decide for the proceeds to go towards any of our funds or not, as here at Uplift Nation we are pretty much about improving the lives of all we can in mind, body, soul, and beyond.

And for those who want to donate directly there are a number of ways you can about that as well, whether it be through through a creation of some some unique artistic or educational merit, joining our ever growing list of kind hearted and talented individuals within the Uplift Nation DAC, or giving a recurring or monetary donation to any of the below funds.


And before we go, just a reminder that one final way that we have to contribute in this new age way is by dropping into the Michael Blu PixEOS Gallery and checking out some of the unique NFT artwork on display. And yes, they are all originals and again, all proceeds go to UN.


With that then we come to yet another close on a very early chapter on what is going on with UpliftNation and how you can get involved as best you see fit. Like we mentioned earlier, this is Your UpliftNation and we are looking to change the paradigm of the meaning and the how of charity. This blockchain space is so cutting edge and exciting in it’s ever growing plethora of possibilities that we challenge both ourselves and you to leave no stone left unturned in thinking of innovative ways to help us bring about real world true value change. We’re simply putting what we got out there as best as we can, and to all those who wish to be a part of what we believe will be the standard when it comes to blockchain philanthropy we are more than ecstatic to have you onboard should you wish to join us in a whole range of donation opportunities we currently and have yet to provide.

Until that time whence we have the joys of wandering along the same unbeaten path together once again, do take care of yourselves and all that you embody in mind, body, spirit, and beyond.

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