Upland, a relatively new and exciting property trading game, situated on the EOS blockchain. In this blog I will share crucial information for beginners (how to start in Upland, what mistakes NOT to make, and how to continue once your an Uplander), but also dive deeper into the fundamentals of the game as it continues to develop.

From UPX to Dollars: How to fiat out in NFT game Upland

30 Jan 2022 9 minute read 2 comments DeSjaak

NFT game Upland announced end of 2021 that their fiat out program is going into a new beta phase, where everyone is allowed into the USD program. Time to do a little explainer on how to get those $$$ in your hand! Especially because Upland is a bit u...

Top 10 Visitor Mistakes In Upland (so you can avoid them)

5 Jul 2021 17 minute read 5 comments DeSjaak

Welcome to Upland! A great real estate NFT game, but with a bit of a rough start for beginners. Because there are so many decisions to make in the beginning, a lot of them can feel like mistakes! That's why I have written this blog post. Not to scare...

Upland to the Lowlands: My plea for Amsterdam (MyUplandCity)

25 Jun 2021 5 minute read 5 comments DeSjaak

As the Upland metaverse is rapidly expanding, all of the non USA players are eagerly awaiting when the international minting begins. It is not a question if, but more when, and even more where? If Miles is ready to cross the Atlantic to Europe, it is...

Upland ABC

21 Jun 2021 28 minute read 3 comments DeSjaak

Welcome to the Upland ABC! With an entire virtual universe, there also comes a lot of lingo. Specific words used in and around this game. Some easy to understand, some a bit more complex. Time for a glossary, containing an extensive list of words you...