First Upland Central post

By chiefkev17 | UplandCentral | 21 Apr 2021

Welcome readers! 

I decided to post this post to summarize my vision for this blog and to introduce myself to the you! 

Who am I?

I am Chiefkev17 and I am the creator of the Upland Central blog on! I started playing Upland about 9 days ago and I am totally hooked and excited what the future holds for Upland, the NFT world, and the crypto world. I am a complete novice in most of these areas, but I am learning as I go and I hope to educate the readers of this blog! Most of the focus will be on Upland related content, but as I learn more about the crypto world, there might be some posts about that too! The crypto world is something that I do not know much about since I am coming from a stock market background, but I have a feeling this will change soon.  If any of you have any recommendations about this blog, have any valuable information about Upland or other subjects please don't hesitate to reply to any of my posts!

Vision for this blog

I decided to create this blog because I would like to tell people my Upland experience, inform them about the mistakes I made, and to help others succeed in the Upland world. I did just recently start playing Upland, but I have made countless of mistakes that could have been avoided if I did a little research. By being on the Upland discord chat hourly, I have learned a lot about the game and have created some valuable connections that could be used later on. My aim is to help others get to a good start in Upland and for them to not waste andy dollars learning the game (like I did). 


Thank you for reading my first blog post! I hope you enjoyed reading and that there will be many more posts coming in the future!



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