Upland - I've Started, Now How Do I Progress?

By Gawbie | UK Uplander | 20 Aug 2020

So. One thing I notice in a lot of comments on Telegram and Discord is ‘how can new players progress in this without spending a fortune?’ 


You generally get out what you put in but there are other ways to get ahead. The main way to to do this is to get involved with the community. There have been many, many events that other players have put on to help new and existing players. Why would they do that? Well, the more players there are, the more successful the game will be for everyone. Many players also believe in 'Paying It Forward'. The Metaverse can only grow and improve if everyone is on board! 


Historical Community Events


This is just a selection, there are more that have happened and there seem to be new ones every week too!


Gawbie property hunt for newbies. I won a big Treasure Hunt so decided to pay it forward - https://discord.com/channels/599294224285827072/695667246290305114/722064705153269811



Upland Central (JunJunPnoy57 and ZhidalgoKidz) YouTube giveaway raffles. These guys have regular giveaways for watching/subscribing to their YouTube content. There's a link further down for one of theirs.


Upland Property Experts (2Stupid2Win) Haight Ashbury giveaway. The UPX Podcast (available whereever you get your podcasts) gave away 4 HA properties for listening to the podcast and following a few Twitter accounts. This was a prize worth 400k UPX!


NoiceToMeetYa newbies question of the week giveaway. He had a few weeks of giving away UPX just for answering a questions about Upland.


1KingKurd’s Underground channel giveaways. He has weekly giveaways in his Telegram channel - https://t.me/joinchat/N98kJBzVhv9UjqlJoh3Nyg 


Capitalist’s prize island channel. Property and UPX giveaways for visits to his island properties.


TML has given UPX away for piñata practices, a scavenger hunt, Disney Museum visit, Genesis property visit giving away 200k UPX!, months ago he gave away 50% of his Treasure Hunt wins and many many more. Check out his website - https://upland.guru/


Mr Monopoly 20k award for best custom explorer idea. He had a competition for suggestions for his new Block Explorer where he gave his favourite 20k UPX.


KaCiao’s birthday riddle hunt with ‘x marks the spot’.



GreenTurtle’s visit giveaway - https://discord.com/channels/599294224285827072/695667246290305114/737400478085677076


Property Visits

Players are generous with visits too. Let people know you’re a new player and they may visit your property (set 1 at 100UPX fee) - there are a few people doing this, get creative with your requests to stand out! Design a flyer, create an interesting back story (real or fake!) and see what happens.

Non-UPX Prizes

People are getting inventive now with giveaways. As well as UPX, there are WAX NFTs being created and given away too.


Tone2Tone has run photo hunt competitions within Discord where you can win limited edition NFTs through Atomic Assets on Wax. Yes, this won’t earn you UPX but it’s something else to be engaged with in the game. Tone2Tone isn’t their name in Discord, I’ll leave you to work out who they are… Learn more about Wax NFTs here - https://wax.io/blog/new-topps-garbage-pail-kids-nfts-are-now-available-on-wax

Treasure Hunts


The developers have recently introduced standard treasures. You get one free hunt per day but I’ll be honest, it’s very difficult unless you have a few properties scattered around the map. I wouldn’t waste UPX unless the pulse behind the arrow is quick or red. You access the Treasure from the Quick Menu at the bottom (3 dots).


Advice - watch out for Limited (every 20-40 minutes) and Exclusive (every 1-2 hours) hunts – click the history tab seen on the screenshot above to see when the last one was won. Check out and study the arrows when they are active and get a feel for the mechanics of them, the speed of the pulses and direction. Then check the history to see where they were won. Pro tip - don’t waste UPX chasing treasures unless you have a red arrow. This will help you with completing standard treasure hunts. Have a watch of Upland Central’s video too - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddm1nMM-a7k

Treasure Hunt History



Overall advice:

  • Learn the mechanics of Upland - areas, Treasure Hunts, Collections, Minted/Unminted properties and get a general feel for the game. There are interesting parts that don’t necessarily cost you.
  • Immerse yourself in the community. Ask questions, read the interactions, talk to people, watch out for competitions. The more players there are in Upland, the better it is for ALL of the players. If you want to get a head start in the game, sign up via this link and receive a 50% bonus on your first purchase. Remember, every successful purchaser will be entered into a draw for an Upland T-Shirt - https://discover.upland.me/ukuplander  


If you get the chance, Pay It Forward.

Comment below if you have any questions.


Thanks all and I hope you enjoyed reading! 





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UK Uplander

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