Latest Rumours... Fiat Out in Upland – Coming Very Very Soon

Latest Rumours... Fiat Out in Upland – Coming Very Very Soon

By Gawbie | UK Uplander | 18 Sep 2020

Fiat Out in Upland, what’s that? A type of car on the blockchain?


Fiat out is the one that everyone has been waiting for! UK Uplander believes that Upland is set to introduce the system where you can sell your virtual assets for real world money (fiat) very very soon, possibly starting this month. The rumours are that there will be a 'Beta within a Beta' where users will be selected at random to test the mechanics for selling properties for fiat utilising the partnership with Linden Lab’s Tilia Pay. Obviously this would have to be confirmed by an official announcement, keep your eyes on the official Upland channels of communication.

Using this partnership, Upland will ensure compliance with regulations in the U.S. so that the platform isn’t at risk of falling foul of the authorities.

How will it work? The way I see it will be that a player will be able to select 3 options when placing a property on the Marketplace where you see 2 currently (sell for UPX and accept property trades).


We will then see market forces at work to determine the prices that will be accepted by the seller. If you think – players will be wanting to accept fiat meaning that the price for that fiat may be lower than a UPX price. We'll have to wait and see what the mechanics look like though but this is a huge step towards mass adoption in my opinion! PLAY. EARN. CONNECT is starting to ramp up.


Bear in mind - this is just a mechanism for selling properties, not UPX. UPX will remain an in-game token for the purposes of buying properties and travel (and hopefully property development soon, the update that I’M looking forward to most). 

Good luck to all that apply for the Beta, this is going to be huge!

Competition Time!

Free T-shirt competition! For every completed referral that uses this link and purchases their first UPX will be entered into a draw to win a free Official Upland T-Shirt, using this link will earn you a 50% bonus on your first purchase (I will also get a bonus, it keeps the blogs going!). Competition closes 18/09/2020 and winner announced after that. Get in now and ready for Fresno and Fiat Out, it's going to be HUGE.



Fresno and the Fair Start Act


There are many challenges at the moment within Upland, many of these leading up to a new city in California – Fresno! This is a release which will be using the Fair Start Act for the first time. This will be an area where 75% of it is reserved for Visitors and Uplanders only (no Pros or Directors) and will be cheap compared to SF and NY. Players will still be able to travel to all places and a train service will be available between Fresno and SF at a low rate. This will also be a city that won’t be in ‘Vanilla Mode’ meaning that there will be treasure hunts and other challenges/events taking place (although the prizes will be lower than SF). This will also be the first city outside of SF to have collections and will probably give Uplanders a market to sell their properties to Pros and Directors. This will be a great way for players to experience the game without having to spend a lot of money.



As always - learn the mechanics of Upland - areas, Treasure Hunts, Collections, Minted/Unminted properties and get a general feel for the game. There are interesting parts that don’t necessarily cost you.


Immerse yourself in the community. Ask questions, read the interactions, talk to people watch out for competitions. The more players there are in Upland, the better it is for ALL of the players. If you want to get a head start in the game, sign up via this link and receive a 50% bonus on your first purchase. Remember, every successful purchaser will be entered into a draw for an Upland T-Shirt.


If you get the chance, Pay It Forward.

Comment below if you have any questions.


Thanks all and I hope you enjoyed reading! 



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UK Uplander
UK Uplander

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