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Where and when to cash out?

By Upland Brew | Upland Brew Analytics | 27 Apr 2022

This is not a common issue for every uplander, but it's common
enough to talk about; which cities provide the best bank for your
buck when looking to withdraw your property to FIAT.

Now this question is far from easy to answer in short, there are many factors
that chug along wherever you own property. Is it better to buy new
property just to cash out? Where would I get the fastest sales if I
need money tomorrow?

To begin, you'd have to start by analyzing all the city floor gaps in
USD and UPX, try to find the smallest gap to minimalize losses. It is
super rare we will ever see a city in Upland matches the UPX floor or
even surpasses it, so selling at a loss in other words is what 99% of
uplanders do.

There are of course exceptions for collections and random property,
but these types of sales aren't the most often. Keep in mind this is for
a fast sale. If you have more than a month to wait, you can filter
through collections to find the closest gap there and potentially turn
a profit in the mean time, however there are 300+ collections in
Upland and they don't all see much activity, especially Fresno.

Generally speaking, cities that are still minting out have good
opportunity to sell large mints for the cities lowest markup, this often
times will be at a loss, but it is a super quick, and efficient way to
extract USD if needing.

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