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By Dan | Unibright Unofficial Blog | 11 Nov 2021

$UBT - The Universal Business Token from

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Token Utility

$UBT is the voucher for for all of Unibright's products & services.

Unibright Framework Workflow Designer - Baseline Protocol (Baseline as a Service), Baseledger Proxy

Unibright Connector - SAP certified conUBC

Baseledger - L2/L1.5 for Baselining, anchors to Ethereum (Mainnet Q1 2022)

Freequity - Enterprise DeFi Tools for Baseledger (Tokenization)

Baseline Protocol

Unibright is a founding member of the Baseline Protocol, has two members on the TSC, and is an official sponsor.

Baseline Protocol offers a way to sync data records between companies - using a public blockchain as an always on, always accessible and tamper resistant notice board (Common Frame of Reference) to post encrypted notes (Proofs) for each other to verify whether their data matches – without putting the actual data on the public blockchain!

Regular meetings are held each week on Youtube - Baseline Show on Wednesdays and Baseline India on Saturdays

Website | YouTube | Slack Twitter | Github | BLIPs


Baseledger is the L2/L1.5 that stores and anchors proofs to the Ethereum Mainnet, and powered by $UBT

The mainnet launches Q1 2022, and with it comes Validator nodes and Proxy Staking for $UBT holders. The Lakewood public testnet has been live since September, and the release candidate Baseledger "Plateau" was shared at the end of January on GitHub.

The Docs include a "How to drop proofs on the Lakewood testnet" and a video on "How to sync two Excel-Sheets with Baseledger".

Whitepaper | Testnet | Docs Github | Twitter | Website | Medium

Baseledger Governance Council

The Baseledger governance council was formed on 1st of December 2021, with 7 founding members - Consensys Mesh, Concircle, Finspot, Unibright, Iconic Holdings, SPO Consulting, Lakewood Consulting and Ventures.

The Mainnet launch is planned for Q1 2022 - all decisions & announcements are now made by the official channels such as the, medium, and

Website | Medium

Concircle Partnership & conUBC

This partnership with Concircle led to the evolution of the blockchain agnostic "Unibright Connector" into conUBC - a SAP-certified “out of the box” solution to connect individual “Blockchain as a Service” processes with SAP systems. $UBT is required for payment and conUBC already offers native Baseledger support.


Check out the "one pager" explainer here

Website | Youtube | Twitter

Eth Atlanta 3.0

ETH Atlanta took place in October 2021. The event focused on enterprise blockchain, baselining, Baseledger and associated techstacks.

Marten and Stefan's presentation is now online (outlook, tokenomics, mainnet details).

Stefan Rausch's conUBC presentation is also online (which includes a conUBC demo and some live use cases).


All $UBT blogposts are published on medium, but the most recent ones are:

The Future Outlook for UBT

This slide is taken from the Ethatlanta Presentation - but a full 2021 Review and 2022 outlook can be read here.


How to buy $UBT tokens

$UBT - The Universal Business Token

The best exchanges for $UBT are

Uniswap - 1inch.exchangeParaswap.ioBittrexBitrue

Coinbase recently released a guide on "How to buy $UBT"

For any issues with the exchanges, please contact them directly

ERC20 Contract Address '0x8400d94a5cb0fa0d041a3788e395285d61c9ee5e'

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