Unibright - An introduction

Unibright - An introduction

By Dan | Unibright Unofficial Blog | 3 Mar 2019


Unibright - An introduction

Unibright is a project with considerable potential. Their agnostic framework for the integration of existing enterprise systems and blockchain is ground breaking. On top of this their framework has a visual interface for workflow creation and smart contract deployment. This means that it is possible for anyone to create and deploy their own blockchain solution for their business, even if they have no coding skills.

One of the community members in the Unibright telegram has even created and deployed a solution using the beta for a fictional scenario using the “Multi Party Approval”.


There are templates for all the most popular blockchain solutions, and more will be added over time. The team has many years’ experience within the business systems integration sector, particularly SAP and cloud-based solutions. Unibright is a spin-off of SPO Consulting, where the Unibright CTO and CEO are still board members. The reason for creating a spin-off business was mainly for legal reasons relating to running an ICO, as well as gaining regulatory approval more easily. SPO Consulting has many well-known brands in its portfolio, like Siemens, Samsung, Shell Unilever and Lufthansa, which gives access to valuable existing relationships for Unibright to make use of. In December, Unibright announced Deutsche Bahn as one of their pilot customers. 

It is clear to me that Unibright is a company with good fundamentals, an experienced team, and an excellent product that is sure to catch the eye of big enterprises looking to implement blockchain alongside their existing systems quickly and inexpensively. The UBT token is an ERC20 token, used as a voucher for the Framework, and it is the only way to access the Unibright Framework. For  further details on the above, I recommend checking out these links:

Official Website: Unibright.io

Official Medium Account: @unibrightIO

Official Twitter: UnibrightIO

Official Telegram Chat: @Unibright_IO

Unibright Consulting Services: Unibright.Solutions

Team Information: Unibright


Unibright Framework - Public Demo Walk Through



Unibright framework - SAP and Blockchain Integration Demo





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Unibright Unofficial Blog
Unibright Unofficial Blog

Here I will share my own personal thoughts, analysis and ideas surrounding Unibright. Unofficial UBT price and gif Chat t.me/ubtunofficial UBT Supporters Channel t.me/ubtsupporters

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