How to Register for Bittrex

How to Register for Bittrex

By Dan | Unibright Unofficial Blog | 18 May 2020

Following the great news that the Unibright token will be listed on the Bittrex Global Exchange, 

I have decided to put together a quick guide on how simple it is signup! Takes approx 15 mins max.

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Step 1 Sign Up

Click this link to go to the website and sign up



Step 2 Complete the KYC

Due to legislation and the ability to buy and sell for Fiat, you will need to complete KYC (Like coinbase)

Fill in the Basic Profile info, and then you will need your driving licence or passport.

You will be asked to submit a picture of your ID and then a picture of yourself




Step 3 - Wait

Wait 5 - 10 mins and you will then be verified and ready to start trading.


Initial limits are 1 BTC per day.

Any questions, visit their telegram, they are both friendly and helpful!


Big fan of cryptocurrency.

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