The Unibright Token Model (UBT) — Update 2020

The Unibright Token Model (UBT) — Update 2020

Unibright release blogposts about important milestones and developments. This week their blogpost about "The Unibright Token Model (UBT) — Update 2020" can be found at this link. 

The blogpost was shared today with an accompanying message from Unibright CEO, Marten Jung:

Hi everyone,

this game-changing joint-venture adds huge value to the enterprise blockchain ecosystem, and to the utility of UBT. For all existing and future customers, this combined offering paves the way to blockchain-based corporate data sharing. We are creating a turnkey experience with our unified product stack and are enabling enterprise adoption of public blockchain with the UBT utility token.

Please find all related updates to the token model here:

The complete blogpost can be found at this link:

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The UBT token is an ERC20 token, used as a voucher for the Framework, and it is the only way to access the Unibright Framework. For further details on the above, I recommend checking out these links:

Official Telegram Chat: @Unibright_IO

Official Website:

Official Medium Account: @unibrightIO

Official Twitter: UnibrightIO


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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise
Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

Unibright have created a Blockchain agnostic framework that can be used to integrate existing enterprise systems, such as SAP & other ERP. The framework allows the visual creation of smart contracts that can then be deployed without any coding skills.

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