Enterprise DeFi with Unibright Freequity — Integration with Hedera Token Service

Enterprise DeFi with Unibright Freequity — Integration with Hedera Token Service

Unibright release blogposts about important milestones and developments. This week their blogpost about "Unibright’s 2020 Recap and 2021 Outlook" can be found at this link. 

In 2019 and 2020 Unibright presented Unibright Freequity, a vision for a 360° tokenization and DeFi platform. In the context of Baseline, tokenization is the elementary concept to provide decentralized finance applications to enterprises. To accelerate our development in this direction, Unibright will integrate their Unibright Freequity Platform with the Hedera Token Service (HTS) to scale asset tokenization and decentralized finance activities for enterprise adoption.

The full articles can be found at these links:

Unibright - https://medium.com/unibrightio/enterprise-defi-with-unibright-freequity-integration-with-hedera-token-service-5a98806ed8d5

Hedera Hashgraph - https://hedera.com/blog/unibright-integrates-hedera-token-service-to-scale-asset-tokenization

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Unibright — Enterprise Blockchain Solutions from Germany

Official Telegram Chat: @Unibright_IO

Official Website: Unibright.io

Official Medium Account: @unibrightIO

Official Twitter: UnibrightIO


Unibright is a team of blockchain specialists, architects, developers and consultants with 20+ years of experience in business processes and integration. We offer Consulting with Unibright Solutions, Low-Code-Integration Tools as part of the Provide Framework, programmable DeFi with Unibright Freequity, and the Universal Business Token UBT.

Unibright’s founders Marten Jung and Stefan Schmidt look back on 20+ years of experience in software development, process integration and technology consulting. Unibright are first movers in supporting business processes with blockchain technology, enabling new and improving existing processes in efficiency, transparency and security.

Unibright’s team and network offers the best architects, blockchain developers and integration specialists to build any blockchain application. Unibright is well-positioned by partnerships with the industry’s top companies and resources.


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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise
Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

Unibright have created a Blockchain agnostic framework that can be used to integrate existing enterprise systems, such as SAP & other ERP. The framework allows the visual creation of smart contracts that can then be deployed without any coding skills.

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