Baseledger Whitepaper 25th of Feb - The blockchain for Baselining

The Baseline Protocol is an open source initiative that combines advances in cryptography, messaging, and blockchain to deliver secure and private business processes at low cost via a public Mainnet. The protocol will enable confidential and complex collaboration between enterprises without leaving any sensitive data on-chain. The Baseline Protocol was founded by a number of organisations, in early 2020, such as ConsenSysEYMicrosoftAMDChainLinkCore ConvergenceDuke UniversityEnvision BlockchainMakerDAONeocovaSplunkUnibrightProvide, and W3BCLOUD


Following on from the event "Baseline as a Service Demo Day" in December of last year,  there was much discussion about what is the "right mainnet" for Enterprise Blockchain solutions, Baselining and Enterprise DeFi. This lead to the identification of Five main issues that need to be addressed to enable widespread professional usage of the Baseline approach for distributed business processes in terms of a mainnet:

  1. Transaction costs (need to be predictable and “low”)
  2. Performance (needs to be “sufficient” and predictable)
  3. Data privacy (needs to be addressed within a public mainnet)
  4. Integration (needs to be ensured to existing ERP- and legacy systems “out-of-the-box”)
  5. Business services (need to be provided: identity management, phone-books, registries and more)


This has lead to the development of a blockchain that address all of the above, and is purpose built for businesses who want to "baseline" their processes.


Baseledger is being lead by Unibright and Provide, and Unibright CTO, Stefan Schmidt, had the following to say in the run up to the Whitepaper release:

Dear Community,

An Exciting February! We are buidling hard on our Baseline-as-a-Service products, together with Provide and see very promising signals from the deal flow side (aka new customers) as well. March and April will be packed with new leads that we aim to convert to customers!

The "right Mainnet for Baseline" discussion that we have been steering the last couple of weeks will result in an outstanding milestone for Unibright and all enterprises going for blockchain integration: the release of our "Baseledger" Whitepaper, scheduled for the 25th of Feb.

This will be a lot of information for you to digest, including, of course, how UBT, our Universal Business Token, plays a central role!

Have a great week,

There has already been notable interest from a number of influencers in the blockchain space, and many are now keen to find out more details in the coming weeks and days. So make sure you follow @BaseledgerNET on twitter for all the latest information



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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

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