Baseledger - Development Update January 2022 (Powered by $UBT)

After the launch of the first Baseledger Testnet “Lakewood” in September, and updates on the Baseledger development documentation in December, a new Baseledger testnet “Plateau” has been developed and published. It represents the candidate for the launch of Baseledger Mainnet, planned for Q1 2022.


The full blogpost can be found here - and it includes details around the latest testnet and it's additional functionality (which is now all available on Github)

  • Inclusion of Lakewood Concepts
  • Gnosis Safe Multi-Sig Governance solution
  • Baseledger Smart Contract on Ethereum
  • Ethereum Cosmos Bridge
  • Baseledger > Ethereum anchoring
  • Baseledger Upgrade mechanisms
  • Community driven updates
  • Adjacent components from enterprise companies



Baseledger - a Blockchain for Baselining (Powered by UBT)


Baseledger is a public network designed for storing and managing baseline proofs, which are an essential part of synchronizing systems of record across the internet in accordance with the Baseline Protocol. The high-performance, high-availability network provides verified systems integration services at very low cost, without requiring companies to spend time and capital setting it up.

Baseledger complies with the Baseline Protocol to ensure that no data is moved from companies’ systems of record onto any kind of blockchain, and proofs cannot be used by an observer to learn anything about companies’ confidential information, relationships or business activities.

If you want to find out more about Baseledger, or the Baseline Protocol then there is already a lot of information out there. The testnet has been running for several months, and the Docs include a "How to drop proofs on the Lakewood testnet" and a video on "How to sync two Excel-Sheets with Baseledger". There is also a video of some projects that Concircle is working on, and it includes a demo of using Baseleger with SAP.

Whitepaper | Testnet | Docs | Github | Twitter | Medium | |



Note: The gas token for Baseledger is UBT - and details can be found on coingecko


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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

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