6th of July 2020 - Freequity & DeFi, IoT, Transthereum, "Baseline-as-a-Service"

The Unibright CTO Stefan Schmidt posts regular updates in the Unibright telegram to keep the community informed. Here is the latest update!

6th of July 2020 - Freequity & DeFi, IoT, Transthereum, "Baseline-as-a-Service"


Dear Community,

here are some updates from Unibright’s current “buidl, buidl, buidl”-activities:

The upcoming demo of one of our “Freequity”-components is in the last stage of testing and publishing. We will present it in a dedicated blog post and add some context on Freequity and Unibright’s offerings in the DeFi space as soon as it is ready!

We are also working on several baseline leads, like the IoT related Fraunhofer project that has already been added to the public baseline roadmap. Other projects are related with DeFi processes, sales and distribution processes and procurement processes, and we will publish details about our partners, clients and projects here as soon as they are agreed to end up on the public baseline roadmap – stay tuned!

Our Transthereum Blockchain Explorer for development processes has been put open source in the Unibright Github last week. This week, we will add a fork to the init-core branch of Baseline and also publish a blog post with some background and documentation.

Internally we kicked off the development of the next major improvement of our Unibright Framework: A dedicated template to create baseline circuits without a single line of code. Together with the publishing and “Baseline-as-a-Service” offerings from our partner Provide, this will give enterprises the opportunity to baseline their business processes starting with a visual designer and including automated tech-stack setup and automatic integration of SAP and other ERPs.


Have a Unibright week!

Follow up Q&A with Community

RichardAre there more clients that have locked up tokens not listed yet or are all locked up tokens instantly accounted for on the website?
Hope this makes sense, just with saying some clients want to remain nameless at the moment?

Stefan CTO - Some of the PoC s are covered by the Team tokens we locked and yes - especially around Baselined processes we talk to customers that explicitly like the privacy features of baseline and therefore most probably are not comfortable with their tokens being presented on a public website. We will address this issue and our ideas how to deal with it separately, but not in the upcoming days, buidling first

Rudolphus - Great update again, but question is; what steps I need to do for using Transthereum instead of Etherscan?

Stefan CTO - Not sure why you would do that, but you can of course connect Transthereum to your local blockchain node (or your infura node) of public Ethereum. The idea of Transthereum is more the other way around: There is no way to connect Etherscan to your local Ganache, that's why we created Transthereum.

Rudolphus - Reason; experimenting and playing with it

Stefan CTO - 100%! In that case it is just one line in the config file, pointing to the address of the (local) node.


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The UBT token is an ERC20 token, used as a voucher for the Framework, and it is the only way to access the Unibright Framework. For further details on the above, I recommend checking out these links:

Official Telegram Chat: @Unibright_IO

Official Website: Unibright.io

Official Medium Account: @unibrightIO

Official Twitter: UnibrightIO

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Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise
Unibright - Blockchain Integrations for Enterprise

Unibright have created a Blockchain agnostic framework that can be used to integrate existing enterprise systems, such as SAP & other ERP. The framework allows the visual creation of smart contracts that can then be deployed without any coding skills.

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