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What's Latin America Got to do With It?

By Tomadachi | Understanding | 23 Jun 2021

A recent article on Publish0x titled The El Dorado Blockchain suggested instead of focusing on the China bitcoin mining situation and America's reaction to it, we could try and gain a clearer perspective of where we currently stand by examining the progress being made in Latin America.

The piece - written by 416Bitcoin and well worth a look - states that, "South America’s movement towards Bitcoin is arguably the best thing that has happened for the region in over 200 years."

I guess very few readers here would disagree with that.

Personally, from purely an esoteric viewpoint, I would add at least one more zero to the 200 years or possibly two zeros depending on how we interpret timelines.

The Conventional and Rational View

We are in confusing, turbulent times.

Every dynamic of life from politics to economics, healthcare to education, and technology to spirituality have experienced the ground shifting beneath them; sometimes merging aspects and other times breaking them apart.  

As the ship of life rolls on these monumental waves of change, it is understandable that the majority will try to steady the boat by looking at what is familiar, tried and tested to be 'true'.

Many of a western mindset would probably agree with the author Nas.A - another popular writer on this platform - when he asserted in his latest work that "USA President Joe Biden and USA will show their presence and power in every field to make the world accept that they are the leader of the world again. Russia and China cannot stand up to the USA with this closed and oppressive system."

For some, it is perhaps a logical conclusion to arrive at. After all, if forced to debate the merits of the statement, it would be easy to find ample supplementary evidence to back up the claims.

Yet if we are willing to step away from this conventional view and suspend our preconceived ideas of power, we can perhaps explore the potential of a different kind of future where the normal is fashioned not by repeating the old but by embracing the new.

Presence and Power

America has indeed projected presence and power for decades.

However, academics, fictional writers, Hollywood and mainstream media have all tended to present a one dimensional view of how this is achieved.

It is a simplified narrative.

The US military and intelligence gathering agencies are already well known, the brrrrr-presses financing operations of the Federal Reserve are exposed more now than ever, and even the shadowy military-industrial complex is coming into the peripheral view of those who care to look.

But these three elements, although extremely powerful, are not the whole story.

Suffice to say the actual power-base is not derived from just one president or even one country but involves a number of entities in different geographical locations.

Change is Coming

What we are witnessing in Latin America are the seeds of a new world. 

I know that sounds dramatic. It's meant to.

What's Latin America Got to do With It?

Ever wondered why it is called Latin America?

If we are to believe what we are told, Latin was a classical language originally spoken around the area of Rome.

Today, Ecclesiastical Latin remains the official language of the Holy See and the Roman Rite of the Catholic Church.

Of course, Catholicism is now the prominent religion of Central and South America - but it wasn't always that way.

According to 'official history', the indigenous Mesoamerican culture, anywhere from Northern Canada down into Peru, did not fare too well when the European explorers reached American shores.

Even mainstream historians recognise that birds and feathers played "multifaceted roles... in indigenous and transatlantic knowledge systems and societies."


You can probably guess why, in astrology terms at least, the Native American culture represents Air signs.


There's an old adage that goes "Knowledge is Power."

It is not just a literary device, the statement holds truth.

But with great power comes great responsibility.

Those arriving on the American shores had the knowledge and so the power but showed responsibility only to those who controlled them.


Any western tropical or sidereal astrologer can tell you about the elemental cycle of the zodiac.

Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Earth.

Zodiac wheel


The Europeans arrived during the age of Pisces (water) when they were dominant and would have known that the age of air (Aquarius) was to eventually supersede them. 

They wouldn't have wanted that - hence the trail of destruction.

Fast forward to today - as we move into the air age of Aquarius - and are the powers that be still hoping to hold back the forces of the universe and usurp the transition?

Thankfully, I do not move in those types of echelons to fully know the answer... so like others I am left looking for signs. 

Perhaps headlines such as the BBC's Prince Charles the winged hero from as early as 2002 can provide a clue.

The story goes on to proclaim that "A giant bronze statue of Prince Charles as a winged hero "saving the world" is to become the centrepiece of a remote Amazonian town."

Winged Charles

Image: BBC

Hard to tell from the image but the wings do not really possess an angelic quality.

Heaven on Earth

Now, as we face restricted freedoms and imposed ideologies, we can feel just as overwhelmed mentally as those Native Americans were overwhelmed physically centuries ago.

But this will not be a repeat of the slaughter.

The old power has run its course and the new emerging, dominant, universal energy comes not from the East but from the South.

However, as we press forward and leave water (Pisces) we will experience great turbulence.

It is uncomfortable to say the least and we are not even at the crescendo yet. It is quite possible not all people will make it across the line.

What awaits those who do - or more likely their children and their children's children - is nothing less than Heaven on Earth.

Heaven on Earth

Heaven (Aquarius/Air) and Earth (Capricorn) are the only two signs positioned side by side in the zodiac that are ruled by the same planet (Saturn).

The rulership will last thousands of years ... and it all begins in 'Latin' America.












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