Prepare for the "Cardano - 2021 summer" ecosystem in anticipation of several projects launching. Things to know about Cardano!


As forecasted in my 27 February 2021 article, "Why Cardano is the right investment right now! PART 1. A fundamental look at Bitcoin, Ethereum and Cardano.", I projected a wild summer for Bitcoin to reach or surpass $80,000, after the then ongoing correction. It seems the correction is over. I also stick with my analysis that Bitcoin is the new gold of the internet of things, the perfect anchor for this new era of fintech. Furthermore, I believe Ethereum will stay above $2,000, which it recently broke. Now as for Cardano...

Cardano (ADA) forecast.

As for Cardano I predicted that ADA would eventually break significantly higher when looking at its previous high of 0,000071 BTC. This breakthrough can and will only happen this summer when Cardano shines a light on its new era with new projects launching on the ADA blockchain:

Let's first take a glimpse on some very Bullish Cardano news:

  • ADA/BTC pair still far belong previous all time high of 0,000071 BTC;
  • Smart contract platforms to become layer foundation for future currencies, blockchain or CBDC;
  • A pipeline with several promising projects;
  • Grayscale dedicated Cardano trust in development;
  • Arabian investors buying up ADA;
  • 100x faster than Ethereum;
  • Well decentralized;
  • ADA utility use-case for staking, fees and network changes;
  • Rigorously testing of all new features;
  • Focus on Africa's unbanked.

What botters me:

  • Cardano mentions way too often what is in the pipeline, whilst it is now 'just' a staking-only blockchain, let's be honest about it. That's it. Most of the ADA token value therefor contains a lot of the promises which are already calculated into its price. There is no more need, at least for me, to hear about all the stuff that's coming: I just want to see what they bring to the table this summer.

For now, Ethereum remains comfortably in its seat as the absolute market leader of the smart contract landscape.

I see quite some room for Cardano's price to grow, especially when comparing to BTC. I do however want to see several results:

  • I need to see Liqwid Finance released successfully (DeFi project on Cardano);
  • I need to see the Cardano Token Builder working;
  • I need to see the ERC-20 converter in action;
  • These developments are the basis of future ecosystem growth.


The successful roll-out of several promised projects and upgrades will be the determining factor for the much-anticipated breakthrough summer for Cardano. Without it I see clouds appear. However, I remain positive and hope the team can pull it off. In case of success, Cardano fundamentally has the same market capitalization potential as Ethereum, but Ethereum does have the early-adopter and network advantage, a huge ecosystem and it is scaling its network. I expect ADA to break well above 0,000071 BTC.

If implemented successfully, Cardano can outperform Bitcoin this summer and have a pretty good run, passing its former all time highs and setting a higher low.


Cardano website:

Cardano explorer:

Cardano Daedalus wallet:

How to stake ADA - tutorial:

How to vote with Cardano Daedalus 3.3.0: (Minimum 3,000 ADA required!)


This is by no means financial advice.



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