Spot Bitcoin ETF Likelihood Increases

By ulriklykke | Bitcoin Global Macro | 30 Aug 2023

The probability of a U.S.-based Bitcoin spot ETF increased yesterday as Grayscale Investment Trust won its case against the SEC.

The question remains whether the backwind is enough for us to expect an American Bitcoin ETF anytime soon.

The Macro Picture - Bad News is Good News

Earlier in the week, the US stock market edged higher after the data displayed a decline in monthly job openings.

The market is clearly anticipating that a weakened job market will be enough of a signal to stop the Fed in its rate hike crusade.

In other words, the bad news is good news, and markets are reacting positively to the fact that the labor markets are weakening.

Right now, predictions from the CME Group’s FedWatch tool indicate an 87% chance of no rate hike.

Grayscale Triumphs: A New Dawn for Bitcoin Spot ETFs

This week, Grayscale won its case against the SEC's decision from June 2022 to reject the company's Spot Bitcoin ETF application, sparking a rally that saw Bitcoin rise by over 5% in a single day.

According to the court ruling given yesterday, the SEC "failed to adequately" justify its decision to deny the conversion of the GBTC Trust into an ETF. One of the main arguments was that the SEC had already approved other Bitcoin-related products such as a futures ETF which is 99% correlated with the Bitcoin spot market.

The decision provided yesterday could potentially pave the way for the authorization of a Bitcoin Spot ETF but the SEC still has an opportunity to appeal the ruling.

The SEC has already proven time and time again its unfriendly stance on crypto, so it remains a question whether they will provide more compelling reasons for its rejection.

That said, the court ruling is a clear win for the crypto community and the SEC now faces a more difficult time rejecting future applications - Especially since applicants have now been shown that the decisions made by the SEC can be contested in court.

Too many losses like the one yesterday will damage the SEC’s credibility so my hopes are that the decision will be taken as a chance to save face and welcome the long-awaited spot ETFs. 

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