Earn Free Crypto Using Brave Browser
Brave Browser

Earn Free Crypto Using Brave Browser

By ukheather | ukheather | 22 Oct 2021

If you didn't know already, Brave browser is a chromium web browser just like Chrome, but without all the bloatware and tracking from Google.

You also earn free crypto in the form of BAT (Basic Attention Token) just by using the browser as normal and clicking the unobtrusive pop up ads. You can disable this if you don't want free crypto, but you shouldn't!

It also blocks ads by default so no extra ad blockers!

You can also tip people BAT that you earned on Twitter, YouTube , Twitch and websites. I have it set up so I can earn money on my Twitter and my websites.

You can sync your bookmarks and settings between computers or mobile devices as Brave is also on iOS and Android with ad blocking in built there too!

Brave is just like Chrome, but so much better. I highly recommend you at least try it out as it is free to use and works the same as Chrome.
You can even download the same extensions that you might have used in Chrome.

You can link your wallet to Uphold or Gemini and you get monthly pay outs!

It is totally free and really worth trying out!

Download Brave today and give it a try.

I also think that you should use Presearch for your search engine with Brave, as you earn crypto just for searching the internet! Check out my post about Presearch for more information on that.

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