Earn Free Crypto Searching The Internet With Presearch!

Earn Free Crypto Searching The Internet With Presearch!

By ukheather | ukheather | 22 Oct 2021

If you aren't using Presearch already why not? You earn crypto for free just by searching on the internet!

Google is renowned for spying and tracking you on their search engine plus you don't earn free money for searching so making the change to Presearch is really a good idea.

Presearch is a decentralized search engine that respects your privacy and gives you PRE tokens for searching just as you would do normally.

They don't track you, don't store your searches and the rewards you earn make it the perfect choice to switch to.

Join Presearch now and get 25 PRE tokens to start you off!

Right now one PRE token is worth $0.2878 (22nd October 2021)


Presearch also posted their whitepaper so you can read that for detailed information on their vision for Presearch and also their roadmap showing what they are hoping to add to Presearch over time. The roadmap is really good so I recommend you check that out.

The fact that they don't track you and respect your privacy, plus the free crypto just for searching means this really is a great search engine and well worth switching to! The added free 25 PRE tokens to start you off if you register using my link means this is the perfect time to switch!

You need 1000 tokens to withdraw. You get 25 just for signing up with my link and you get token every search. If you use it every day instead of Google or whatever you use now, you will get there no time.

It is perfect to use with Brave browser who also give you free crypto for seeing ads and is in my opinion the best web browser out there. Check out my post about Brave for more information on that.

Try Presearch out and see what you think.


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