Tutorial: How to Exchange Other Coin to BAN for Beginner

By udincc | udin.cc | 24 Sep 2021


So, you have some XLM (or any other coin) and wanna exchange it to Banano?

Please read this tutorial to avoid losing some of your precious coin like me. (︶︹︶)


In this tutorial, I use COINEX, because it's the easiest one.

A. Create an account

If you dont already have coinex account, you can sign up directly here coinex.com (no referral) .

A.1. Open coinex.comAfter you open coinex.com, you might see some pop up, click the (x) button to close the pop up.

A.2. Click the [Sign Up] Button

Homepage - CoinEx - udinxyz


A.3. Fill out the form

First, enter your email address, and then clik the [Send Code] button. Check your email, open the email from Coinex, and copy the 6 digit code then paste the registration code in the box.

After that, enter your password (make sure it's secure), enter the password again. In the referral code box, you can leave it blank (no referral), or you can use my code: zxwev (note: if you use this one, I will get some rewards).

Check the confirmation box (read the ToS first), and then clik the [Sign Up] button.

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

B. Add Authenticaton Method

After you clicked the sign up button, you will see this page.. Here we will use Google Authenticator (so you dont have to enter your phone number).

B.1. Click the [TOTP] Button

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

B.2. Open (or install) Authenticator App

If you dont have it already, I suggest you to install google authenticator. After that, click the [Next] button (below).

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

B.3. Scan the QR Code and backup the private key

Make sure to backup your private key, so you can easily reset the OTP later. After that, click the [Next] button (not shown in the picture).

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

B.4. Activate OTP

First, click the [Send Code] button, and then check your inbox, and copy a 6 digit code from coinex, and paste it in the email verification code box. Only after that, you can fill the next box.

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

After that, write the 6 digit code (from your authenticator app) to the "6-digit TOTP code" box. and then click the [Submit] button.

Registration - CoinEx - udinxyz

B.5. Congratulation, and welcome to Coinex.

Now that you successfully registered, the next step is to deposit some coin to coinex.

C. Deposit your coin

Before you can trade your coin, first you have to send it to Coinex, visit the Deposit Menu.

Deposit - CoinEx - udinxyz

For this tutorial, I will use XLM as example.

Please remember to read the deposit instruction carefully. If you want to deposit XLM, please make sure to send it to the correct address, using the correct memo (double check it before you send).

Deposit - CoinEx - udinxyz

Open your stellar wallet, go to send/pay menu, input the coinex address, input the memo, and input the amount. Make sure to double check everything before you click send/pay.

After a few minutes, your deposit history will be available on the Last 5 Deposit Records box.

Deposit - CoinEx - udinxyz

D. Trade it

D.1. The first step is to trade XLM to USDT

Go to the exchange, then type XLM, and click the pair (XLM/USDT)

Deposit - CoinEx - udinxyz

If you want to receive your banano faster, you can trade with [Market Limit], so you sell your XLM with the current market price. In coinex, the fee is fixed at 0.3% for both market maker and market taker.. So, not really that of a big deal.

Set the amount you want to sell (using the slider), and then click the [Sell XLM] button.


D.2. The second step is to trade USDT to BAN

Trade - CoinEx - udinxyz

Now that you have a few USDT, do the same method to trade USDT to BAN. Write BAN, and then click (BAN/USDT).

If you want to buy BAN at lower price, you can do it with [Limit Order]. Just click the radio button, input the price you wanted, then move the slider to the right, and click the [Buy BAN] button.

D. Send it to your wallet

Now that you have a few banano on coinex, all you have to do is send it to your wallet.

D.1. Click the menu nav (Assets), submenu (Withdraw).

Withdrawal - CoinEx - udinxyz

D.2. Submit a withdrawal request

After you select BAN on the coin list, you will see the total amount of BAN that you own. It will be different (lower) than the amount that you buy (from the previous step) because you have to pay the 0.3% fee.

Select the Protocol Type, please just select BAN, then enter your Banano wallet address, the amount you want (just click ALL to send all of it), and then click the [Submit] button.

Withdrawal - CoinEx - udinxyz

Input the 6 digit code from your authenticator app.

Withdrawal - CoinEx - udinxyz

Check your inbox, there will be an email about "Withdrawal Confirmation", open it, and then click the [Confirm Now] button. You will then see this page. Clicke the [Passed] button.

Withdrawal - CoinEx - udinxyz

And, it's done....

Withdrawal - CoinEx - udinxyz

Okay, that's for now.. Please feel free to comment and correct me. I will try to improve my writing and my content.

Thank you....

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