My first Crypto!

By TwoDogsCaged | TwoDogsCaged | 29 Sep 2022


The Japanese Bitcoin is what they call it. 

I have looked at this coin and have been really intrigued by it. First of all, it was the first cryptocurrency I spent some time looking into. I have to say I am completely intrigued by a number of factors, First, by all accounts that I have read it was the first cryptocurrency to become legally complaint in Japan. Apparently, cryptocurrency is heavily regulated in Japan and if that is true this is significant and to my eyes a positive sign for the future of Jasmy. It is an Internet of Things (IOT) based cryptocurrency on the Ethereum network. Their stated goal is to attempt or be able to put a person's individual or personal data back into their own control. From what I understand, personal data goes to corporations for free as an individual interacts with the corporation. Jasmy states they are attempting to do something about this through creating a process in which the individual controls their data. If this occurs and becomes widely adopted, it will be a gamechanger for the cryptocurrency and the world and how data is handled.

For a clearer picture of the detailed process of how Jasmy works you can go here: See below

Also, from what I understand, Jasmy is currently run by a former president and COO of Sony. Also, on this website:  See Below. It outlines Jasmy's management structure.  As I am new to the cryptocurrency space I was surprised that individuals with a history of success in such a well respected business was heading this cryptocurrency. 

As I continue to learn about cryptocurrency I will likely be surprised many times over. In my first two posts I outlined the thought process I went through as I initially began looking into cryptocurrency.  I like sound business ideas, and from what I can find, Jasmy has that in spades.  I am surprised at how undervalued this cryptocurrency seems to be. That statement has nothing to do with financial information, just from a personal thought regarding the solid foundation Jasmy appears to be sitting on.

DISCLAIMER: I want to make clear, my posts have nothing to do with financial advice. I am writing from a personal perspective through my own thought processes as  I go through my own discoveries regarding cryptocurrency.  I come at it through a psychological lens.  Anything in this post should be only thought of as information and entertainment.  Anything I say or do has nothing to do with financial advice. Go to the experts for that.

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Cryptocurrency is a fascinating idea, one that has many confused, scared and dismissive of the concept. However, it also is intriguing and likely a large part of the future.

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