My Crypto Journey Has Begun -- Come Follow Along

Twisted Slippers Crypto Journey

In The Beginning

First things first, this is not my first time jumping into Cryptocurrency.  I have had my hands in this world for a few years.  Back when LTC and DOGE where the two cryptos that were shining along side BTC.  I did walk away and thought it was time to restart this journey and let others follow along with my journey.  

Will I become rich or just have fun?  I'm leaning towards the fun!

Back when I started out originally I did what most people did, I purchased USB miners and Gridseed Miners. Had a small mining farm running in my basement BUT the rise in my electric bill was noticeable enough that it just wasn't worth it.  

Quietly I walked away leaving small amounts in wallets and put everything to the back on my mind, not knowing if I would return to the crypto world.


2020 forced the world to stay home, work from home, cut short vacations, cancel plans and change our lives entirely.  I started hearing about crypto moves and BTC was on the rise again.  My interest was once again peaked.

Starting with a new glee of wanting to know more and learn all that has changed I started following and learning about TRX, ZEN, ZEC, and now FLARE.  Heck, I even got into Betfury and its neat BFG Token and Daily Staking rewards.

Now that staking is available on PipeFlare I decided that I would keep things transparent and start posting weekly updates about my Staking at PipeFlare as well as touching on other staking that I may start venturing into.

What you can expect to see in the results weekly are each change to the amount of staked, stake rewards, etc..

There will probably be occasional post about my current stake in XYO Token.  XYO is earned by cashing in via the CoinApp

This blog will keep me personally responsible when it comes to my staking and hopefully I'll be able to learn from all of you

Hope you decide to follow along

Stay Home! Stay Safe!


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Twisted Slippers Crypto Journey
Twisted Slippers Crypto Journey

Follow along as we finally start to dive deeper and deeper into growing our crypto holdings and revenue.

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