KOPILOKAL69: Node of meeting place across communities

KOPILOKAL69: Node of meeting place across communities

By PendekarBodoh | Tutorial and Review | 26 May 2020


"Man Robusta, Wa Man Arabica"

KopiLokal69 is a coffee shop with the concept of 'coffee shop in the urban forest'. The urban forest is located not far from a Velodrome (arena for sports bicycles) and boarding athletes for bicycle racing in Malang. Not far from Velodrome there are 2 campuses namely Wisnuwardana University and STIBA Malang. In the Velodrome building there are also bookstores, so it is very close to educational and literacy activities.
KopiLokal69 was built and initiated by Bayu Bintoro. Behind his 'ordinary' appearance, he is a book publishing company PT Book Mart Indonesia. From the book publishing business, he has colleagues and partners from various fields.
Beginning of the opening of KopiLokal69, some friends who really knew and participated in KopiLokal69 came and enlivened the 'soft opening' event at that time. Some are from education circles; lecturers, teachers, and students, some from coffee-roasting business owners and cafes in Malang, some from background journalists from one of the national media, some from local Malang arts and musicians, and many from 'movement activists', NGOs and legal practitioners.

Journalist Community
Mas Igo, a national TV journalist, who in turn introduced many other cross-media journalist friends to come to KopiLokal69 to just enjoy coffee at first. But more and more here journalist friends are getting 'addicted' to coffee served by KopiLokal69. Until finally they began to create a kind of community of journalists who supported each other in many ways.
Do not stop there, the journalist community is very close to practitioners of cinematography, photography, animators, and content creators ... So they are invited to come and enter into projects where they can work together. And KopiLokal69 becomes a strategic choice not only to enjoy coffee but also to discuss the projects they are working on.
At this point KopiLokal69 is similar to the concept of a place to work together, although it is not specifically planned to be a shared workplace.


Lawyers Community
More than 15 years in the legal world as a lawyer, at the top of Mount Semeru, Bayu and Lukman were united in an unplanned climb. Lukman often makes KopiLokal69 a place to discuss legal issues with some friends who are members of the Malang Legal Aid Institute. And even now regular discussions on various themes from a legal point of view are still ongoing.
HR community
Budi Santoso is the Head of HRD of a multinational company. He has a community engaged in the development and management of Human Resources. He is also a business mentor who has sufficient expertise in Japan.
This community also often chooses KopiLokal69, for some meetings which are not too 'formal'.

Coffee Roasting Community and Cafe
In the coffee distribution chain network in Malang, the coffee roasting business plays a very important role. The rapid growth of coffee shops in Malang in recent years is different from the usual coffee shops in the previous era. This coffee shop generation presents the charm of coffee along with awareness of the knowledge of the coffee process from the beginning until it is ready to be enjoyed. In other words, this generation of coffee shops and cafes has the knowledge and awareness of 'quality coffee', and not just 'random coffee'. In the context of the distribution of coffee beans as a product or distribution of coffee from the 'knowledge' aspect, the owners of this coffee roasting business have an important role. So it cannot be denied that they have very loyal customers. On many occasions the coffee roasting business community made KopiLokal69 their meeting point.


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There are still too many to be mentioned one at a time in this paper about communities connected with KopiLokal69.

It may be true that life is interconnected like a spider's web, it looks random but is actually patterned. Does the flap of a butterfly's wings in Brazil set off a tornado in Texas?.

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