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"Jäger, on your post stand!"

By Tšuhna | Tsuhna's /ak/ stories | 21 Dec 2021

Once upon a time when Putin was a prime minister I was a signals private doing my mandatory military service in Finland. It was late fall & the first day of an exercise and we were establishing a HQ (apparently Americans would call it TOC) from scratch (i.e. closing off the road, posting guards at the roadblock, sweeping the area, checking the buildings, posting guards there as well etc. before setting up everything), it was a warm (not quite double digits Celsius but close-) morning for the time of year & my clothing reflected that. I was personally part of the team setting up the roadblock before being tasked with laying telephone cable from the roadblock to the building chosen as the HQ, once we were done with that we were supposed to have lunch but I was ordered to take over guarding the entrance to the empty HQ. I was told I'd be relieved soon, it was around noon at that point.

"Soon" ended up being 9 hours, the temperature plummeted in the afternoon (the first snow of the winter fell while I waited for the relief that was coming "soon"), and I didn't have warmer clothing with me, also "my relief" was surprised to find me guarding the entrance, the corporal who had put me on guard had forgotten that I was there, hadn't notified any of his peers nor his superiors that I was there, and no-one had noticed I was "missing" for nine hours, I had missed lunch, dinner and supper. I was cold and hungry, luckily the others in my tent realized I had had a rough day & I was taken off the sentry duty roster for the night. Aside from a few "where have you beens?" etc. from peers the matter was never discussed again.

I wonder whether our instructors ever heard about the incident, they certainly didn't ask me about it.

(to anyone wondering, the title is a line from a poem which goes something like this (an unofficial addition I can't find a source for but which I see and hear included more often than not in square brackets): "In front slavery and death of the east, behind home and land of birth. Jäger, on your post stand [or die]! On you depend your people and country.")

And before anyone asks, "Jäger" is what Finnish Army calls its light infantry, it has its origins in the Royal Prussian Jäger battalion number 27 formed in 1916 out of Finnish volunteers who had chosen to travel to Germany in secret to receive military training from them rather than from Russians, the word "jääkäri" has nothing to do with hunting so don't even ask.

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I'm a Finn, until now I have mostly written anime/mobage fanfic, I have been on a hiatus for some time, maybe if my content is welcome here I may get the spark to start creating new content.

Tsuhna's /ak/ stories
Tsuhna's /ak/ stories

I write fanfic for military and weapons -related anime series and mobage such as Strike Witches, Girls Frontline and Upotte, but also original content. WARNING! Some of my stories include weapons and/or vehicles with spirits (think Kami from Shinto religion), some of which can turn into cute anime girls.

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