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Nice BAT Pump Today - Another market buy by BRAVE?

By trumpman | trumpman | 9 May 2020

BAT had a really nice fat pump today, I think cmc showed 30% gains when I woke but I am not sure. It got hit pretty hard these days due to the halvening so that was a really nice surprise.

Usually, these sudden pumps are the result of Brave ( the company behind brave browser and the bat token) buying bat at market price using the ad revenue generated from the ads shown on the installed brave browsers. And these pumps happen more and more lately, so I feel pretty optimistic for the coming months. Especially once the corona shit is over! And if that's the case with today's pump, we will probably get a tweet soon, notifying us about the token purchase by the brave team.

Chances are you have no idea what I am talking about, so check this link for some more info and sexy graphs. If this shit doesn't convince you to get some bat then I don't know what will:

Anyways, after this big pump I went for a safe gamble to try and squeeze a few free coins. Even if I lost I didn't care since I got a couple thousands when price went below 2k sats ;)


Woohoooo, 32 free bat coins, lel! Of course I now I wish I had gambled 5k coins but it's easy to say that after the fact. Still, not bad for just a couple clicks from an idiot trader like me that has no idea what he is doing 😂

I also powered up an extra two thounand leos today using some powered down hive from an old alt of mine. LEO and BAT are definitely two coins I can't have enough of!

Anyways, here's something really cool I discovered today. It's called cpu barbecue! I definitely need to try this XD

But today I have to settle for this. It will do I guess..



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