Cool contest by Travala - 1000 AVA up for grabs!

Cool contest by Travala - 1000 AVA up for grabs!

By trumpman | trumpman | 29 Dec 2020

It's been a while since the last time I mentioned AVA hasn't been? XD

Ah well, today they announced a cool contest with some generous gifts, it's imo worth a try if you think you are creative enough!


Just visit this tweet to learn more:

If this is the first time you hear about Travala you may want to read this post of mine from a month ago.

There has been many cool new things since that post btw, including a couple new exchange listings (like coinspotau which I hear is pretty big on Australia), December revenues already being above 1 million USD despite corona, staked coins have reached almost the magic 10 million number etc etc.

I highly suggest you to do some research on this gem if you already haven't. Also you may want to join the telegram, the energy is really positive there

For now, I can't wait for the next coin burn which is scheduled for the first week of January. Hopefully we will see a nice pump ^_^

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