Commie Andrew Yang Shills Bat

Commie Andrew Yang Shills Bat

By trumpman | trumpman | 8 May 2020

Don't know much about Andrew Yang. Other than he is some rich ass neo liberal commie selling UBIs and other socialism shit for a living. He also seems to like crypto and to be somewhat of a big deal. After all, once upon a time half of the steem community was sucking his dick on twitter for an endorsement, lol.

I also know I love Brave Browser and its native token, BAT. And yesterday our white commie friend shilled it on twitter:


Heh, I will take it, especially now that BAT takes a beating like most alt coins due to the impeding halving! If only God Emperor Trump tweeted something similar. Now, that would be awesome, LOL.

In other news, I swinged some coins in the most recent hive pump. Unfortunately I pussied out and didn't sell at the top of the spike but hey! Free money is free money! Which I used to get myself some more BAT. Not much but it's almost as much as I make during my day 6-hour cuck job so I won't complain!


Hopefully we will see another hive pump soon and I will get some more free money. Or not. Lel.

Anyways, my beer is finished. Ill go grab another one.

Good Night!

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