Brave Ad Rewards Enabled In Greece!

Brave Ad Rewards Enabled In Greece!

By trumpman | trumpman | 3 Jan 2020

Here's something cool I noticed on my phone a few days ago:


Now, chances are it all sounds greek to you and that's because.. it is! What this screenshot shows is that the brave ad rewards has been enabled in my country Greece! Which means I (and all Greeks) now have the chance to earn a couple bats monthly passively just for using the BRAVE browser! The program has been available for a couple months now in many other countries and as promised, it slowly expands to others. 

Hopefully, as this program gets more global, the brave browser will start growing (in regards to popularity) even faster than it already does, especially in third world countries like Greece where every little extra penny counts XD. 

I have already convinced many people to install it, and now with this I bet I will manage to bring even more on the brave ecosystem. After all, it's hard to resist a browser that is faster, blocks intrusive ads, and even pays you to use it ! 

And the more people use brave, the higher the BAT price will go, as advertisers will buy BAT for their ads to be visible on the brave browser! I know I bought myself a couple more thousands these days, the price is quite low and I have a feeling it will break the resistance at 3500 sats on of these days. :)

Here are some useful links in case you live in a cave and have no idea what brave and BAT are. They are a good start:



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