Letter To Nelson Mandela

By troynamps | Troy Poetry | 12 Apr 2020

Dear Nelson

Salutations to you Sir! I write to share my sympathy with you having realised how much you went through in those twenty seven years. No wonder you called it the long walk to freedom.

Ever since I was growing I have heard stories of Tata Madiba's isolation. I had thought it was mere exaggeration when they emphasized on the years of isolation.

Back here in Mzansi we are three weeks into isolation and we are fed up already. How did you do it for all those years? To think of it, we are not even subjected to any physical torture. Unlike your situation, you were isolated and brutalized.

We have become prisoners of circumstance baba. There's a virus that has devastated this world and they identified as Novel Corona Virus. It causes a respiratory disease they have called Covid-19. We really do not have a clear idea of what is the cause and worst of all, there's no cure. Currently scientists are working very hard to develop a vaccine.

Therefore, to curb the spread your descendent, Cyril Rhamaposa and other leaders joined the rest of the world. They put us under a lockdown which we had anticipated to end on 16 April. It appears the lockdown is slowing down the contamination rate, so we were given two more weeks under partial house arrest.

Once again, I really am sorry for the pain you went through in isolation. I for one am already losing my mind and acting out of character. Everything seems to have come to an abrupt halt having been locked away from the outside world. Please pray for us wherever you are, people are really dying like falling leaves in spring. Things are not well here.

May you keep resting in Power.


Jurgen Namupira

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