So, you think you're pretty f#*kin Klever, huh?

So, you think you're pretty f#*kin Klever, huh?

By NickytheClone | Tipchain | 6 Apr 2021

SO if yall still don't know about the coin burning up the Tron blockchain, get fuckin with it.

KLEVER is making headway like a zephyr because of its developers' abnormal insistance on burnin' it all the way the fuck up.


<Insert other mans opinion here,>

<Repeated basic ass statistic here>

Don't take my word for it. Type that shit up into your Presearch bar and let your fuckin head explode too. Theyve burned like $50 million worth of the imaginary shit already! Everytime it looks settled down over there in the Klever labs, POOOOF! Theres another pyro with a semi rubbery one clutching a fuckin abacus and a trackball burning up half the supply. The results are astounding. Check that shit out yourself.

 OK, here is some bullshit work you couldve done, you lazy bastard:

For those of yall new to the cryptocurrency realm, a coin burn is where you send all of your coins to an imaginary guy named RickytheDrone and in return he sends you a sweet ass blessing.

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The Clone is a traveler & enjoys analysing and trading digital currencies. Nick enjoys beer & food the most. Originally from cousinfuckin Arkansas, theClone now resides in southern Oregon, where its legal to possess crack but illegal to pump your own gas.


After over 4 years of experience analyzing and trading cryptocurrencies I've learned things the hard way. It has been a wild ride, full of ups and plenty of downs. I bumped my head and when I did that enough, I decided I wouldn't accept the effects of my ignorance towards the market. Now if I can offer a small light to a huge dark sector of the worlds' assets, I'll definitely consider that worth while and a personal obligation.

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