Klever : The Quiet Riot?

 If you've never heard of the token Klever, it doesnt surprise me much at all. The token, which operates on the Tron blockchain, has a huge supply and a small value. It's easy to overlook the market cap that the token holds. It currently has a.total worth of nearly 29 million dollars. By todays' standards, that doesn't make them the biggest kid on the playground by any means. On the contrary, Klever is more like that kid on the playground that just hangs out by himself and doesn't talk much. Yeah, the one that you even forget about until one day, when pushed around by some bigger kids, the kid goes into a frenzy, displaying flawless Brazilian Jui Jitsu techniques that almost render the bullies crippled. Ok, ok so I know I'm exxagerrating but bear with me for a minute. Klever's price doesn't rise and fall very dramatically. It isnt a volatile coin naturally, which can seem surprising to anybody that is familiar with the Tron blockchain. By holding Klever you gain benefits amongst the Klever wallet, such as lower transaction fees. But just because Klever does not come.about its volatility naturally, doesn't mean its just going to sit around while all the other kids have all the fun.

        Yesterday (2/2/21) the developers of Klever burned 379 million Klever tokens. In case I caught you off guard there, THAT WAS 379 MIlLLON! It was a whopping 9% of the circulating supply of Klever. Hmmmm, damn it, Tronix, how do I put this into terms that people that avoid these types of tokens can understand?. Oh, Right! It was $2.2 MILLION WORTH of Klever that the developers decided should take a trip, permanently. The value of.the token rose by 30% in the last 24 hours. Then the developers wwnt ahead and let the rest of the kids know it would be back. It will be an annual occurence that a big chunk of Klever is going to be burned to create demand. No wonder Klever has managed to secure 2.3 million users worldqide. Have you gone to move any Ether or Bitcoin lately. Don't be too terribly surprised if your gas prices outweigh the coin you were.trying to move. Meanwhile try to move Klever or Tron, and you might habe to pay 5 cents in gas fees. 

       The Klever app even allows you to hold coins from other blockchains and swap tron tokens into those.other currencies. The. developers that work on Klever have been very busy as of late. The Klever exchange should be rearing its.head.sometime soon. In addition to its own exchange, it seems that Klever will end up migrating to its own blockchain. The boys working on Klever even say that one day you might

Bhai Bhai walk into a branch of  Klever Bank, and say, "I remember when Klever was just one of those damn tron tokens. Just when I thought the developers had given their currency a name in vain, one that had no real significance to the heart of the project, Klever nonchalantly show itself as just that.



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