Wheelwin new igaming dapp
Wheelwin new igaming dapp

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 3 Feb 2020

Today I would like to introduce wheelwin.org - Igaming Dapp

WheelWin is a new gambling platform. You are able to play on any device you choose. TRX, ETH, USDT, TRC20-USDT are available at the moment and we plan to add even more! Every game mines some tokens for you which are used to claim platforms profits.



Place bets and mine your WheelWin tokens! Anytime you can withdraw, deposit back, freeze or unfreeze it

WheelWin tokens are different for each blockchain. In Ethereum have ERC20 WheelWin token, while in TRON we have another TRC20 token. These tokens are not connected at all. Total supply for each token is not set atm. Users will vote on it. By placing any bet on our platform you mine tokens with the price displayed on the dividends page. This price can be reduced by gaining levels and this process can be observed in your personal profile by clicking on your address. After every bet tokens are added to your deposit token balance. If you want to transfer this tokens you should withdraw it to your wallet and treat as another ERC20 or TRC20 tokens.
Remember, you only receive dividends for you frozen tokens. You always need to freeze your tokens! If your tokens are frozen you cannot instantly withdraw it. At first, unfreeze. The process takes three days. Then you are able to withdraw or freeze it again.


Basic mining price for 1 TOKEN 10.00 TRX | 0.19 TUSDT 0.001 ETH | 0.18 USDT

The next distribution is calculated as follows:   (DividendPool * 0.1 * YouFrozen) / TotalFrozen  


Dividends Pool is the total earnings of the WheelWin to be spread between all the token holders!    




80% of all the WheelWin profits gathered into Dividends pool, 5% for the events, the rest goes to the development team to maintain, improve the product. It's a subject to changes and proportion recalculations in near future as we plan to add different competitions, daily tasks and other platform bonuses. The dividend pool is to be divided by all the users frozen WheelWin tokens. Every blockchain has its own token and freezing these tokens will allow you to obtain dividends from this blockchain. If a user holds only TRON tokens, he will not be getting any Ethereum currencies from the pool. In the beginning of WheelWin, Dividends distributions will not be scheduled. After the platform goes stable, users will vote to select a period of dividends distribution. 10% of the whole dividends pool is the subject for each distribution.



Jackpot   The Jackpot is not something that a random user wins and nobody knows who is it! Everytime anyone wins in the entire casino he takes the jackpot spot and adds a bit amount of currency he used to the jackpot. If there are not better for the next jackpot period, the last one will get all the jackpot's currencies of the blockchain he used. Round time is 30 minutes and each win adds 0.075% of it to the bank!


Rank system



Dice, Hi-Lo, Wheel, Roulette, Last bet 


Dapp Stats:
USERS 1,699 Dapp [object Object] chart

    VOLUME $1,634,256Dapp [object Object] chart     351665157-12272ab30ab446ddacd6161a3e7a338c4ea71c33e581ee05ce56959b1f4499ea.png      

Join  in the beginning and get your highest dividends!

Now you have a moment to participate in the competition so do not hesitate Not only dividends now have a discount

The first 300 players to play a game and post a screenshot to admins telegram PM will get a lifetime 10% discount on token mining price.


Link to website - wheelwin.org    Dont work -  wheelwin.org/r=1zuuu4       copy and past link (publish0x dont link :-(


Hi I'm a crypto fan, Living in Czech Republic


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