Weekly report BetFury 26.11–03.12

Weekly report BetFury 26.11–03.12

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 3 Dec 2019

Last week for the BetFury platform was very productive! We’ve got tremendous activity from the participants of the BetFury Meme Contest. Also, we launched a new Hi-Lo game. We had a lot of incredible jackpots, did -20% discount on Black Friday to the mining, beat the record by the 150 bets/second, optimized the game Crash! But let’s talk about everything in order.


We are very glad that our community enjoyed the new Hi-Lo game. To those of you who don’t know, it’s old fashioned card game in high tech realization from #BetFury.

The rules are quite simple, users should place a bet in TRX and predict the next card, players may choose several cards in a row and collect multipliers to maximize the reward.


The dividend pool amount reached 47M+ all-time high. With daily payouts over 3M, the system of 7% keeps supporting the high indicators.


Mining and Token Metrics

The current mining price is 29 TRX/1 BFG. This price will be fixed until the 6th of December. It means that users should place 29 TRX to mine 1 BFG. The average mining cost is 0,435 TRX / 1 BFG.

Total frozen: 548 727 622.68 BFG
Total mined: 392 126 012.00 BFG

Some RARE WINS in games

User with nick: Cernoocko, won over 500K TRX in Dice. Two happy bets about an hour apart. It’s just incredible! It is also worth noting user with nick: pIcKLeS.


Best Jackpots

Over the three days (30.11–02.12), luck was with three of our users in Dice for more than 1.5 million TRX!

Congratulations to the user Iv4n who won Jackpot in Circle. Just a reminder a random bet win Jackpot every 100 000 bets.



BetFury Events

BetFury meme contest is over! There were more than 100 members who came up with memes, gifs, videos. Well, that was a bunch of laughs. And now we need the community’s help to choose the one winner, who will receive 2000 TRX.

We also finished the competition dedicated to the release of the new Hi-Lo game. 5 winners got 500 $TRX.


The BetFury community is constantly growing and attracting more and more followers! Currently, we have 3,3K followers on Twitter and ~14K members in Telegram.


We are very pleased that the BetFury community grows and develops! Join us, play games, get your dividends and cashback. We are glad to every new visitor and sure that the capabilities of the BetFury platform will not leave you indifferent.

Link to the Website: https://betfury.io


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