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By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 11 Feb 2020

I would like to introduce new Dice game on TRON Network.


TronUFO Introduction

UFO is a decentralized online gaming platform based on the Tron network.

UFO is devoted to develop exciting games that bring financial gains to the
users while users are accumulating UFO tokens in the process.



Users of the platform are not only players but also UFO token holders. The
platform distributes its revenue to UFO token holders to give back to the
supporters on a periodic basis.

UFO is committed to establish a secure and verifiable platform, and has
every intention to provide users a reliable investment environment.
To protect the investment of the users and empower the value of UFO
tokens,we take every measure to avoid forced listing.




UFO Token

The UFO token is issue by the platform as a mean to distribute game
revenue to the stake holders. A total of 100 million UFO tokens are minted.

100% of the platform’s dividends is distributed to UFO holders. 50% of the
dividends pool is distributed every 24 hours. Dividends are automatically
sent through smart contracts.

10% of the platform’s revenue will be allocated to the auction pool.
Another 10% of the platform’s revenue will be allocated to the hourly
leaderboard contest.



60% of total UFO tokens can be mined from playing on the platform.

Mining starts at 200TRX played to collect 1 UFO token. Afterwards, each
level costs an additional 10trx.


For every game played, players receive UFO tokens.To receive dividends, players have to freeze their UFO.A minimum of 1 UFO to freeze. Make sure that your UFO is frozen before the dividends countdown.50% of the total dividends pool is distributed every 24 hours. The distribution process is automated through smart contracts.Dividends can be withdrawn at any time after the countdown, if not, dividends will be accumulated. Freezing UFO and withdrawing dividends both consume a small amount of TRX.It’s recommended to have at least 1 TRX in your wallet before proceeding




For 1 UFO token is now 4.23 TRX per day in dividends !!!!!!!

Link to website -

#Giveaway - 10 TRX win one person end 15 hours  -

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