TGold FAQ and airdrop

TGold FAQ and airdrop

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 27 Nov 2019

What is the TGOLDe Fund?

The TGOLDe Fund is an important part of the TGOLDe ecosystem. By investing in the global cloud mining industry, we can provide fund users with financial products with different returns and risk ratios. Users may choose financial products according to their own needs to obtain stable or high investment returns. At the same time, TGOLDe Fund will continue to benefit all members of the TGOLDe ecosystem and share the development dividends.

How to buy TGOLDe financial products?

TGOLDe Fund has launched its first financial product, which is divided into 17 different plans according to the amount of investment users make. The higher the amount of investment, the higher the VIP level, the higher the rate of return. You can choose different plans according to your own needs and investment ability, with daily yields ranging from 1.66% to 3.5%.

Can I buy TGOLDe financial products from exchanges?

NO! Do not send funds from exchanges. Use your own personal wallet ONLY!

What a minimum deposit amount for TGOLDe Fund?

Minimum deposit is 10 TRX. You can add investments anytime. TGOLDe Fund provides 17 different levels of Miners (1.66%-3.5%). The daily rate of investment is decided according to the amount of investment. The more the investment, the higher the level of TGOLDe Miner, the higher the daily rate of investment. If you reinvest, contract will pay you unclaimed dividends first!

How do I invite friends and participate in whitelist airdrop?

Click to join the whitelist, copy your unique invitation(Referral) link, friends through your link into the TGOLDe Fund and join the whitelist can be permanently activated referral accounts. Then friends no longer need to use your referral link to login. Click to join the whitelist and participate in the 10 million TGOLDE Tokens airdrop immediately.

What about the referral system?

The TGOLDe Fund referral system is divided into three levels, with a total returns of 7%. First tier referral: 4%; Second-tier referral :2%;Three tier referral :1%.

How project funds are distributed?

Tech support: 3%

Marketing: 5%

Feed TGOLDE: 5%

Referral (if any): 4%-2%-1%

Withdraw your dividends anytime?

Just click Withdraw button above and claim your dividends. Dividends updates each hour. You can withdraw them even every minute.

Does TGOLDe Fund has a minimum withdrawal amount?

No limit, even 0.01 TRX earnings can be withdrawn immediately.

Does TGOLDe Fund has a daily limit on number of withdrawal times?

There is no limit, and you can withdraw yout returns as many times as you like every day. This is a completely decentralized blockchain application, which does not need manual intervention, and everything is free to be operated automatically by smart contract.

How safe is TGOLDe Fund?

The site carries more information function if for any reason it stops work, it will not affect the daily payment of interest and acceptance of deposits. Smart contract will be safe with all the balance.

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