BetFury Weekly Report (4.12–10.12)

BetFury Weekly Report (4.12–10.12)

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 10 Dec 2019


Last week for the BetFury platform was eventful! We have completed several contests, identified winners, launched new activities, celebrated a month after the launch. By the way, you can read our 1st Month Betfury Report here.

We understand how important it is for users to share their gaming experiences on social networks. That’s why we’ve added a “share” button so you can always show your friends your huge winnings. And of course, we’re launching a promotion! We’re giving 10,000 TRX + 100,000 BTT for 100 winners! Distribution of rewards will occur every 10 days randomly among all who share their gaming success on Twitter.

All right, It’s time to go over the key metrics for the past week. Until you ran away to doing reposts 😉


Last week, our dividend pool for the first time amounted to 50,000,000 TRX! Now the dividend pool amount reached 46M+ all-time high.

Every 24h Dividend pool releases 7% from the total amount and every user who holds BFG tokens receives their part of platforms profit. Daily payouts on the Betfury platform amounted to over 3,5 М. That’s a perfect score, isn’t it?


Mining and token metrics:

The current mining price is 37 TRX/1 BFG. It means that users should place 37 TRX to mine 1 BFG. Many users of the BetFury platform estimated our promotion on Black Friday when the mining price was fixed on 29 TRX/BFG for 1 week. By the way, we are preparing something new regarding mining. 😮We are sure that you will properly appreciate it.

The average mining cost is 0,555 TRX/1 BFG.

Total frozen: 403 834 783.00 BFG

Total mined: 661 139 500.13 BFG

Some RARE WINS in games:

This week rare winners have seen in Circle and Hi-Lo games. Four times bets on yellow yielded a benefit amount of 120,000 TRX. And it’s all in one day!

User with nick Cernoocko won 300K TRX in Hi-Lo. By the way, it’s BetFury’s new game. Have you tried your luck with it?

Best jackpots:

This week the best jackpots were in the Plinko game. Incidentally, in Hi-Lo no one has yet been able to hit the jackpot. Maybe luck will smile for you? And we will write about it in the next digest 😉


Betfury Events:

Betfury video contest 🎥
Make a quality video review on one of the listed themes. We’re giving 20,000 TRX + 1 000 000 BTT for 30 winners! Don’t miss your chance! Catch the conditions here.

Betfury Success Promotion 🦝
Now every active user of the BetFury platform can get a great bonus just for the repost on Twitter. We updated the user interface and added a «share» button on Twitter with a gift image. Also, you can share your results with the Telegram community, but the giveaway will only be held among Twitter users. Сlick here to get some details.

Raise rank — get an exclusive custom title! 🌟
Do you remember that we have a ranking system? Already those users who have reached the Elite rank can receive exclusive status in our large-scale Telegram community. You will have a special custom title attached, which will confirm your rank. To add a custom title, you should write to our admin in Telegram @Steve_Betfury, which identifies your rank and adds the corresponding custom title in the group settings.


Our community is incredible! You are getting a whole lot bigger and this fact is very pleasing and inspiring to the BetFury team. Currently, we have 3,7 K followers on Twitter and ~14K members in Telegram. Thank you for support.

We invite you to subscribe to the BetFury news and get the hot news first! Just leave an email address, and we’ll send you all the actual info and promotions before publishing on the platform and in social networks. Seize this opportunity, friend!

You can do it at the bellow of the main page 👇

Our indicators are growing, we get a lot of positive feedback every day. It stimulates the development of the BetFury platform, making it convenient and interesting for the maximum number of users. And the New Year is coming soon and we are preparing a lot of cool gifts. So follow us on social networks, play and win 🎲🏆


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