BetFury first weekly report

BetFury first weekly report

By CEDCryptoCoin | TronCryptoCoin | 12 Nov 2019

Thank you all for the support of BetFury and for the constant growth of the community. BetFury team would like to share some key product metrics from the first week after the official launch of BetFury.

With a little delay caused by additional security and mechanics double-check from the tech team, BetFury has been launched.

Beta test of BetFury was a great experience for us in the purpose of product improvement and communication with the end-users. We are going to continue this practice in the future.

Some key metrics of the first week of BetFury platform:

  • Average daily users 24h: ~1200 users (data from shows ~500 users, almost half was not tracked because of Betfury off-chain betting system)
  • Bets rate: ~50 bets/second
  • Jackpots paid: 246,882 TRX
  • Total Daily bonus paid: 324,369 TRX
  • Cashback received: 866,409 TRX
  • Rank bonuses paid: 466,600 TRX


BetFury performance from the first week is incredible. We have reached a milestone of 10M TRX dividends pool.

BetFury dividends system with the distribution model of 7% daily payout had mixed perceptions from the community. However historical data from daily payout shows quite good performance with increasing movement from the start to the last dividends payout.

Mining and token metrics:

BFG token is now on the 3rd stage of mining, the mining price has increased from 20 TRX to 24 TRX, which is also not very much and still a good opportunity to start.

Total frozen: 96 789 275.00 BFG
Total mined: 
109 463 018.52 BFG
1 875 414.00 BFG (686 093.52 TRX in Auction)


Some epic Jackpot wins:

User with the nickname HighPower won Jackpot on Dice and grab bankroll of 104,721.63 TRX.

Circle and Crash Jackpot are still on roll! We will see the winners shortly! Join us to have a chance to win.

Some RARE WINS in games:

Rare wins are the users winnings with the highest coefficient on the platform. Here we would like to share some epic wins on BetFury!

The lucky one with bet 50 TRX won 50,000 TRX in Plinko:

User with the nickname pIcKLeS grabed 98,500 TRX twice in 10 minutes! Great luck!


The community on Twitter and Telegram chat becomes stronger! We have cleaned our Telegram group from the bots which were added by users who would wish to receive free 10 TRX. Currently, BetFury has 1922 followers on Twitter and 17632 users in Telegram chat and 2411 subscribers in Telegram channel.

We are proud to have such a good friendly community and we will support our supporters full time.


The first week of BetFury has a perspective performance and further development of the platform will be proof of the constant growth of product metrics.

Our mission is to provide high-quality service and unique value to the market. We are going on our way. Stay tuned!

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